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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's Get Crafting!

Hi everyone.  A dear friend left me a comment the other day, saying that she was having a hard time getting motivated to craft.  And since she has a craft show looming on the horizon, that is not a good thing!  So she asked me to post what I was working on to help get her motivated.  So here ya go girl, you asked for it!

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I have crafting ADD, meaning I have to have several projects on the go at one time to keep my interest.  I have to tell you that making the ornies for the ornie swap I just completed was incredibly difficult for me, 22 of the same thing, are you serious??!  But I did persevere and got them done on time thank goodness.  Now that that obligation is fulfilled I have gone back to my usual modus operandi and have several different projects on the go.  Here's a picture of my work table today:
First of all, I have a couple of Moonchilds Primitives Reindeer (Design by Donna Veal, pattern #099) cut out and ready to stuff.  I've had this pattern for a couple of years and every Christmas I intend to make some but never seem to get around to it, but this year these little cuties are getting made!  They have twig antlers and branch legs and I love their rustic simplicity.  Then next, I have some Angel White Ornies by Debbie Henry of Simple Country Blessings.  They are sweet and simple angel ornies with lovely rusty jingle bells on their heads and needle sculpted wings.  I can't wait to see them finished.  Then I actually have a couple more of my swap ornies cut out and ready to turn.  Now, if you had asked me last week if I would ever make these again, the answer would have been a very emphatic NO!, but time does heal all wounds (well, mostly, my wrist is still aching from all of that sewing and stuffing!).  But they were sitting there traced out and waiting to be sewn up and looking so lonely and so I have relented and will make them up as well.  They are my own original design and I can't really show them to you until my ornie swap is "swapped" but eventually you'll get a look at the finished project!  Now, onto my painting projects; I have a peg rack primed and crackled and ready to paint with some sort of design.  Originally I was thinking of doing Terrye French's "Pull Toy Parade" design but I think I over-revved on the crackle and Terrye's beautiful and detailed design will get lost in the crackles!  So I'm rethinking my plan and am considering a simple four seasons design by Laurie Speltz (Believe Me...The Seasons Do Change, Four Season Peg Board).  I'll let you know what I decide!  And last, but certainly not least, I have three wood pumpkins already base coated who will become a triptych of spooky ghosts and pumpkins from another Laurie Speltz design (Believe Me...Fall Is In The Air; Small Pumpkin Fence).  Here's a picture of the finished project on my fireplace mantle, I painted up a set of them last week.
The pumpkins are joined together with some little hinges and those little devils are very difficult to attach properly! Consequently, this little fence is slightly "askew" and will have to live at my house 'cause it's not quite up to my standards to be sold. Oh darn!! I think it is very cute and I'm not sad at all it will be staying with me.  I don't know if others find this or not, but I actually have very few of my own crafts to display in my home; they've either been sold or gifted to friends and relatives and so it's a treat to actually have something here that I've made!

So, that's what I'm working on right now.  Unfortunately I will not be able to work on anything tomorrow as I have a very sick car that has to go to the mechanic and then I am working tomorrow evening so no crafting for me tomorrow.  But I'll post some pics on Saturday after I get a little farther along with these projects so you can see my progress.  I hope this has helped my dear friend overcome her crafting block and perhaps some others out there as well!  Have a great day everyone and happy crafting!


  1. Well THAT was inspiration extrordinaire!!! WOWZERS, you are one busy lady!! I love the pumpkins, just too darn cute! Thank you Deb, I'm feeling much more inspired today and will pull this piece at a time!!
    Can't wait to see your finished pieces!! :)

  2. It all looks great - thank you because I needed a little motivating also!


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