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Friday, November 26, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow and A Ho Ho Crow!

My apologies for being MIA for awhile, not quite sure where the days have gone; suddenly there are only 29 days until (GULP) Christmas!  One thing is for sure, it is definitely starting to look (and feel!) like winter and Christmas around here.  We have had a few days of snow and COLD!  I had managed to get some of our outdoor Christmas lights and decorations up before the deep freeze hit and here is one of our lighted reindeer after the snow hit.
We got about 3 inches of snow initially and then it just kept on snowing and snowing and's a picture of the hillside behind our house.
We've had even more snow since I took these pictures so it really is a winter wonderland around here!  Thanks goodness I got some of our Christmas lights up 'cause it's getting a little deep out there now!  Our big dog LOVES the snow, here's a picture of him in his idea of puppy heaven!
His favourite trick is to lie on his side in the snow at the top of a hill and then push himself down the hill with his back legs.  It is too funny to watch, he looks like he is tobogganing!  Our little pup is not quite so enamored of the snow and cold and so she was inside watching from the warmth when I took this picture.  Her idea of heaven is a queen sized bed all to herself complete with down duvet!
I think I was telling you about the ornie swap I was in at one of the forums I belong to and the ornies arrived last week.  Here's a picture, I received 21 ornies in all (including getting one of my own back which was very nice since I never seem to keep anything that I create!).
Some of them were absolutely amazing, the time and effort devoted to creating them was very evident.  Here's a picture of my contribution, my Ho Ho Crow ornie!
He's my own original design and I think he turned out pretty well; he's got a needle sculpted beak, a homespun scarf and a painted muslin and warm 'n natural Santa hat.  His Ho~Ho~Ho! tag is hanging from his beak by a piece of rusty wire and he has real silver glitter here and there on his hat, wings and tail.  As I said in an earlier post I had drastically underestimated how long it would take to finish him and his 20 buddies so I was doing a mad scramble at the end to get them finished.  But it was definitely worth the effort in the end and I hope my swap partners are happy with him.  I'll be listing him at my selling blog in a day or two (when I can get some better pictures in the daylight) so pop on over if you are interested in him,
I've been doing a lot of stitcheries lately for some reason, I don't usually do too many of them but I needed some candle mats for myself and just kind of got into the swing of doing them!  I still have to sew on the backs and turn and finish them but I have four candle mats completed and I'll be listing them shortly as well.  Once I get them done I'll post some pictures here so you can see what else I've been up to.
On a Christmas celebratory note, our niece called the other night and invited us to her house for Christmas dinner this year!  It's so exciting, this is the first time she has ever hosted "the event" and I know that she will do a wonderful job.  We will all bring a contribution to the feast as is our tradition but it is still a big job to decorate, get the table all set, cook the turkey, etc.  She has had a fabulous role model though as her parents are masters at hosting LARGE parties at the drop of a hat and always do an amazing job of it.  I tend to stress myself out to the max when it's my turn but for them it is no big deal.  Wish I could be that way but hostessing is not my strong point!  Some folks are good at it and some not and I definitely fall into the latter category!  We will truly enjoy visiting her home this Christmas to celebrate the day with our wonderful family, I can't wait!
Well, I guess that is about it for now.  I'll try and get my candle mats finished tomorrow and get some pictures taken but it may be a little later in the day as we are getting a satellite internet connection hooked up tomorrow and I will be able to finally say goodbye to my dial up internet connection!!  Woo-hoo!  I can't wait!  The thought of having a high speed internet connection is so wonderful, I'll be able to visit all of your blogs in the blink of an eye as compared to how long it takes me now.  It quite literally takes me hours to visit everyone and on some blogs I never can get the sites to load completely if they have a lot of graphics or pictures.  The next thing will be a new super quick computer and then just watch my smoke!  Talk to you all again soon and happy crafting!


  1. I know what you mean about your connection. Mine is so slow but not as slow as dial-up. I still have to wait a long time for pictures to download and I rarely have patience to wait for a video. Your snow is beautiful but I hope it doesn't hamper your weekend plans!
    Looking forward to seeing your candle mats!

  2. Congrats on your new internet connection, Mine is
    also slow, but not like dial-up,I think the system is really overloaded more on some days then others, Some blog just don't load too many
    graphics too, You Snow is beautiful.. Looking
    forward seeing your candle mats


  3. Hi Deb, what a beautiful winter wonderland!! Quite a sight to see!! I love the story of your dog scooting down the hill, that is just too cute!!
    Love all your ornies, mine will be delivered today, I can hardly wait!! And I love the little crow ornie you made, he is just adorable!!
    I have "high speed" internet, but that is "living in the country high speed", compared to dial up it is much better but a far cry from real high speed. But hey, shouldn't complain dial up use to be our only choice. Modern technology comes slow in West Texas.8-)
    Have a great day Deb!!

  4. Wow ~ TWENTY ONE ornaments! That's probably enough to cover a small tree. I love your Santa Crow . . . it's so true that the smaller pieces always take longer than expected.

  5. What beautiful scenery you have to look out on, Deb! I miss trees. North Dakota is flat, flat, flat, with not many trees.

    And what beautiful ornaments you received in your swap. There are so many talented artisans out there; it's truly amazing!

    I know you'll love high speed internet. We have it, but we might as well be on dial up since my lap top died earlier this year, and I'm now using my old (several years old) computer. Oh my, it's slooooowwww! Soon I'll get a new lap top and be zipping right along with ya!


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