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Friday, November 12, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Some Frosty The Snowman Ornies!

Life as a crafter doesn't always go smoothly as anyone who loves to create will tell you.  Case in point, I was sewing up a bunch of my Snowie Tucks yesterday as I had sold the last of the little devils that I had in stock.  I usually make them from unbleached cotton muslin and they normally look like this when they were sewn and stuffed:

But this time I decided to use up some old fabric that I had in my stash which I THOUGHT was a bleached muslin; HA! was I wrong!  It turned out to be some weird cotton blend that had an elastic fiber in it that stretched like crazy and when I started to stuff my tucks they turned into these weird misshapen forms, my hubby said that they looked like the beakers we all used to use in science class!
By the time I realized the enormity of the problem I had sewn, cut out and turned 6 of them and stuffed 2 (because I didn't believe what was happening when I stuffed the first one!) and was in a real quandary about what to do with them.  Being cheap frugal I didn't want to waste the time or fabric I had already invested in them, so I turned them this way and that way and tried to figure out how I could salvage them.  And then I had one of those lovely Ah hah! moments and turned them into this!
Hee-hee, I love him!  I've dubbed him my Frosty The Snowman Ornie and I'm thrilled how he turned out.  Made his top hat and carrot nose out of felt, gave him a homespun scarf, embroidered his eyebrows and mouth and added a couple of mismatched buttons for his eyes.  I had some little Christmas bulb ornaments downstairs in my embellishments stash and they are the perfect size to add to the brim of his hat along with some pip berries!  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?  Ah, this particular batch of lemonade is tasting mighty fine! I've just listed him on my selling blog, if you are interested in purchasing him you can click here to go to the listing.

I also wanted to share a picture of the fabulous Belsnickle Gourd Santa handpainted by the amazing Martha Smalley that I had purchased on Etsy.  If you've never seen Martha's work, check out her Etsy shop or her blog, you are in for a treat!  Take a look at this beauty below:
I have to tell you that the picture doesn't even begin to do justice to this piece.  The detail and expression in Santa's face alone is truly breathtaking.  I am so thrilled to own a piece of Martha's artwork, she is absolutely amazing.  This Santa will be treasured for many years to come.
Well, I think that is all the news that is fit to print from my neck of the woods.  I am going to participate in an online painting class being taught by Kim Christmas at Tole Town tomorrow night, I can't wait!  I will post a picture of my finished painting once it is done (if it turns out okay that is!).  Hope that you are all busy crafting your little hearts out for the coming holiday season and I hope that you won't have to make too much lemonade!  Have a great day tomorrow and happy crafting!


  1. I love the way your lemonade turned out! A good reminder that sometimes we can make something even better than we planned when we started out. :)

  2. Christmas in November for you, Deb!

    I love how you turned your "mistake" into such a cute ornie! At first, I thought maybe you could make them into ghosts for Halloween sales next year, but this snowman is so adorable.

  3. Your mistake turned out fantastic!! I love him! Your goodies are great too! Martha is an amazing artist! I love all her work she is such an inspiration! I can not wait to see your project from the online class, I always wondered what the class would be like! =)


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