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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Shout Out To Tracy ~ The Prairie Patch

Bloggers are a special breed; we sit here at our computers pouring out our hearts and our passions to the ether, sharing things that we'd never share with our co-workers or acquaintances and yet hoping deep inside that there will be a like-minded soul out there to answer our posts.  And every once in awhile, we get lucky.  We make a connection with someone who we've never seen (and probably never will) who we connect with in some intangible way.  One of those people is my dear blogging friend Tracy of The Prairie Patch.
I first 'met' Tracy on October 26, 2010; I was new to blogging myself at that time and was having my first giveaway and Tracy entered my contest.  I went to her blog to discover that she was even newer than I was!  She had no followers and so I was lucky enough to be her very first.  I continued to follow her blog as the months went by and she followed me; we conversed back and forth through our comments and found we had a love of primitives and a love of animals in common among other things.  Then, in January of this year, Tracy contacted me to ask if I'd join her new selling blog, Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop.  I was so excited and touched to be asked especially when she said she had thought of me because I had continued to follow her blog over the intervening months.  And so we continued to converse, now in emails as the Sunburnt Cow started up and grew and I discovered so much more about my new blogging friend.  Readers, let me tell you, this is one AMAZING woman!  Did you know she is a writer?  Did you know she is an expert on SEO (search engine optimization)?  Did you know she has been a ghost writer for some very well known people?  And on top of all that, she is generous to a fault with her knowledge about the internet (go take a peek at her MULTIPLE SEO posts at The Prairie Patch about how we can all get more traffic to our blogs) and is an amazingly productive woman who now has FIVE (yes, you heard me right), five blogs where she shares her knowledge and love of crafting.  There is her first blog, The Prairie Patch where she is sharing her life and her amazing knowledge about SEO's; the Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop where she has curated an amazing collection of talented primitive artisans; Craft Supplies Sales and Resources where she shares TONS of links to great suppliers, tutorials and crafting resources around the internet; Handmade Teddy Bears and Raggedies where she has curated another amazing collection of artisans specializing in teddy bears and raggedies and last (at least for now!) All Thumbs Crafts, her newest adventure in blogging which she describes as "A craft tutorial blog for the un-Martha: where those of us who are all thumbs and don't have a big budget can still create some nice craft projects".  Whew, I'm tired just typing all of that, I have no idea how she does it all.  And yet, with everything she is doing and everything she has on her plate, she still takes the time to email me and ask about my life and my family and for that I am truly grateful.  I am so glad we met Tracy, thank you for being my blogging friend, thank you for your concern and your humour and your unselfish sharing of your knowledge.  Please take a minute everyone to visit Tracy, she has so much to share and is so talented, your life will be better for knowing her; I know mine certainly is.


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!! What a great and interesting friend you have in Tracy, Deb! What a multi-talented lady she is and sounds so interesting that I just have to spend some time visiting her wonderful blogs. I am already a follower of her Sunburnt Cow blog. Now...let me tell takes one to know one!!! There is a reason that you two have connected so well, she sees all those wonderful qualities in you too. :)
    I love how you have chosen to do this, there are some awesome people out there that deserve kudos for all their wonderful work and generosity. You do it with such finesse and style, as only you can do. Hugs♥

  2. Awww, geezzzzzzzz! Deb, thanks so much. I'm crying...that's so touching. I was just about ready to go to bed, now I can't cuz I'll have a runny nose and get all stuffed up - lol! Geeez...and to think you wrote all that while I was spazzing about having the button you made me, then not having it, then having it, and not - LOL! I'm glad you knew I was laughing at myself.

    Thank you, my dear friend. And as Nancy said, it takes one to know one. You're pretty amazing, too!

  3. Wonderful post Deb, and thank you for giving Tracy my name for the sunburnt cow *just gotta love that name LOL* I have her seo info saved and can not wait to tackle reading it and learning from it. I had no idea of all of the blogs will have to go follow and check them out. I sure need some me time LOL.........some time to relax!! as if ???
    hugs have a great weekend
    oh and I need to do yard work? hmmm I need more hands a couple of clones of me would work!

  4. Great Post!!! What a wonderful way to share your friend with all of us! I recently met Tracy (NOT IN PERSON) She seems like a great lady and am following her blogs! Look forward to her new and fresh Ideas!
    TFS!!!! You are sweet to tell us about your followers!

  5. Wow what a great post. Tracy sounds like a very nice friend to have and in these trying times we need someone like that. I too have found great supportive friends on blogland and I'm really glad they are there, not only for support but to lend a listening ear. Sometimes it makes life a little bit easier.
    Enjoyed your post very much. I'm going to hop on over to her blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  6. Oh Tracy, I didn't mean to make you cry LOL! I meant every word, you amaze me more every day with all you are doing and sharing with us all. And yes, I TOTALLY got you were laughing at yourself about the button! I'm glad everyone has enjoyed this post and yes, please go visit Tracy's blogs, you will be very glad you did! {{hugs}} Deb

  7. That is quite the testament for both blogging in general and for your specific good fortune in finding someone you can really connect with. I, too, have been very fortunate on blogger. There are many great folks out there, putting their lives, hopes, dreams,creations and disasters on display for all of us to share. I love your idea of applauding them on your blog.
    Tracy sounds like a wonderful friend to have. May your relationship continue to grow and endure!
    Big hugs!
    BTW~ I hate word verification!

  8. This is a great post, I really enjoyed reading it. thank you for sharing

  9. Just signed up to follow you...Glad you came by via blog frog...Hope to see you again! Laura

  10. Hi Deb, I have been reading your post and then went and read Tracy's posts on SEO and now I want to thank-you for writing about her. Now I understand so much more. I feel fortunate that I stumbled upon all of you. I will stay tuned . Thanks


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