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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing Basil Lepine, Esquire!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I have finally finished my 'Basil' bunny and wanted to show him to you, so without further ado, here is Basil Lepine, Esq!
He has recently retired from the bar where he practiced as a barrister for many years.  He has now moved to the country and loves nothing more than to grab his walking stick and his Tilly hat and go striding off across the moors.
As he is a little on the short sighted side (you'd think eating all of those carrots would have helped his vision but apparently not!) he wears his monocle at all times.  And just in case he gets hungry on his walk about, he has a couple of carrots stashed in his suit pockets for a quick snack!
I had so much fun making Basil and I must admit that it was also more than a little frustrating at times!  I am not a seamstress, have never made my own clothes, so making a suit pattern for Basil definitely tested my sewing skills!  I had a suit pattern for a rolly polly bear that I had made years ago, but it was a challenge to adapt it to Basil who is definitely a long and lean rabbit!  This particular suit Basil is wearing was supposed to be my muslin "test" suit but by the time I completed it I was so frustrated with sewing tiny little clothes that I decided to paint the muslin with acrylic paints instead of making another outfit from some old suit material that I had.  It actually turned out rather well and I could then add the embellishments of the carrot border on the vest and the painted carrots in his pockets.
I've learned some new doll making techniques and also learned how to make a pattern for clothing (albeit grudgingly!) in the making of Basil and so have some new skills in my craft making arsenal.  I hope that you'll all step outside your own personal crafting boxes in the future and challenge yourself to try something new, I think you'll be happy that you did!  If you are interested in purchasing Basil, I will be listing him soon at my selling blog, Paxton Valley Folk Art Shop and at my Etsy store.  Have a great day and happy crafting!


  1. Deb basil lepine is adorable AND I love a good rabbit story you know!
    Mr. Cinnamon would probably want to invite him over to the BASIL FARMS...BUT basil lepine is such a dapper fella that he might just steal Ms. Sweet away! Adorable Deb and so nice to meet you!

  2. Deb, he is so cute! What fun that you made him an esquire. He does indeed look dandy and dignified! Love the monocle.

    Good for you in trying something new. I don't know if I'd have been brave enough to attempt a pattern like that.


  3. OH my word Deb he turned out wonderful he is a fine ole chap

    and looks so sweet, lol on the suit you did a great great job


  4. Wow Deb: You did a great job on Mr. Basil...Love the monacle and his suit!

  5. Your Basil turned out great! Look at the detail!
    Love the story that goes with him!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  6. Love you Basil. He looks soooo dapper. Turned out great.


  7. Good evening, Deb,
    Your Basil is just so handsome. You have certainly been busy!

    Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie

  8. He turned out really cute! I just
    love his suit, you did a great
    job on him! Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Chip-Chip-Cheerio! Your Basil turned out wonderful! The detail is amazing and the suit is impressive! (small clothes scare me also!) What a fun challenge! ~*~Lisa

  10. Oh my Deb! What an amazing job you did on this bunny! His clothing is fabulous and your attention to detail is fantastic! Love it!

  11. Deb
    He is too cute!
    Great job!


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