Monday, March 7, 2011

MORE Prizes Added To The PAFA Etsy Team Giveaway!

 Wow, I didn't think this giveaway could get any bigger or any better but it just did!  Two more prizes have been added to the PAFA Etsy Team Giveaway on their blog, just click here to go read about these new prizes and how to enter to win them.  New entry opportunities have been added to the original giveaway post, so even if you've already entered our giveaway, head on back to see how you can get some more!  Welcome and thanks to Ravenwood Whimzies Primitives and Prims From My Heart for their generous donations.  This team just keeps on getting better and better!


  1. This is just the most awesome giveaway that I have ever seen on the internet! PAFA Team is the greatest!

  2. Wonderful:) All handmade with tlc.


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