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Saturday, March 5, 2011


There are no words to truly express my thankfulness this beautiful day.  My Mom had received the news a couple of months ago from her GP that she had some form of blood or bone marrow cancer and we have been living in limbo and in fear waiting for her to get into a specialist and to have all of the diagnostic tests completed.  We've finally got the results, and while she does have a form of bone marrow cancer, it is one that is controllable with medication and one that will not (hopefully) shorten her life.  Mom is already responding amazingly well to the treatment medication and is even able to decrease the dosage she is on.  She will have to be on the medication for the rest of her life and will have to have routine bloodwork every couple of weeks to monitor her condition but considering what other diagnoses and outcomes were possible we are so thankful.
I just want to thank each and everyone of you who has said a prayer or an incantation or whatever else you may have done in support of my Mom and myself.  I've said before that I am not a religious person but I do believe in the power of positive support and energy no matter what form that may be expressed in.  So many of you have sent me emails and support and prayers and love through this time and it has meant the world to me and to my Mom.  She is so amazed that complete strangers would take the time to think of her and intervene with the fates on her behalf and she asked me to thank each of you so very much for all you have done and for all of your support.  You are all amazing and so generous, the world is a much better place because of your presence in it.
So now, I would like to ask your help for one other important person in my life.  You may recall that my sister in law was undergoing surgery for bone cancer and while the surgery went well she has now developed a massive infection that is threatening to undo all of the good that the surgery accomplished.  So if you can, think of her and add her to your prayers or rituals; she is a loving, kind and caring mother, wife, daughter and friend who needs all of our healing energy and positive thoughts.  Thank you my friends,


  1. Deb, I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing well with her treatment. I am sending hugs and prayers for your sister in law.
    Take care,

  2. Deb,

    Great news about your mom. Hopefully she will continue to do well and lead a long healthy life.

    Sorry to hear about your sil infection. Hopefully they can get it under control and she will begin to respond well.

    Good thoughts and well wishes to them both

  3. Hi Deb,
    Will continue to pray for all of you! I am so happy to hear about your mom's dx. Few extra prayers for your sil!

  4. Hi, I am so happy that your mom is doing well, will keep your sister in laws in our prayers.

  5. Hello Deb this is what happens when one gets too busy to check on friends blog OH my word, I am so happy to hear the good news for your mother and so sad to hear the news on you SIL......we too have a family that has members that has been afflected with problems from cancer, and have even lost a memberd this past year.

    do know that you SIL is in my thoughts and prayers for this to turn around for her and for her to be healed.
    Big hugs my friend


  6. Deb,
    Great news on your mom! I will keep your family in my prayers!

  7. Thats great news! Will pray your come continues to respond to meds and you have her for many years to come!

  8. Good new for your mother and hope everything will go well in the future. Will keep both your mother and SIL in prayers.
    Hugs, Lois

  9. Deb, I'm so very happy and relieved to hear about your mother!

    Sorry to hear that your SIL has taken a turn for the worse. I'll be sending positive energy her way.


  10. Hi Deb. I'm so grateful that your Mom is doing well, that is truly a blessing. I am so sorry to hear that your SIL is going through all of this and I pray that she can get through this troubling time. Big hugs ♥

  11. This is good news indeed for your Mom!
    I agree with you about the power of positive thinking and I believe it can make all the difference in situations such as this.
    I am however sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. An infection is never a good thing but with her challenges and needing to recuperate from surgery, this is not good. I will send lots of positive thoughts her way as well.
    Thankfully Spring is almost here and it is much easier to feel happy and hopeful when the birds are chirping and teh sun is shining.


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