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Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

With thanks to Monty Python for the title (hands down, my favourite comedy troupe!) I wanted to give you a peek at what I've been working on the last couple of weeks.  I love primitive; love the aged, time worn look, the remembrance of times past, but to be completely honest it does not sell (capital letters, exclamation mark) around my neck of the woods.  So I have been working on some decidedly unprimitive crafts in preparation for a couple of craft shows that I will be in this spring and summer.  What sells here is kitschy, country, whimsical and garden/farm/cabin related.  So, since the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again despite failing utterly each time, I've decided to quit bucking the trend and have been working on some (hopefully) appropriate crafts for my area.  Here's a wee peek:
A little daisy terra cotta pot from a design by Helen Nicholson.  I do have this one listed at my Etsy shop but it is much more whimsical and brightly coloured than my usual fare.
A simple garden sign; I bought some fabulous stencils from Folk Art From The Harbor and this is the first one I used.  Added my own little simple floral border design and think I'll add a wire hanger as well.
And finally (for now), my Momma Hen adapted from a design by Debbie Bryan.  Yep, kitschy, whimsical, country but it's what sells around here so that's what I'm making!

Do you find the same thing in your local area, that primitive doesn't sell?  I always get the comment that it is "dirty" and folks just don't buy it or even get it when I try to explain the reasoning behind the designs and the aging process.  So even though I love the look personally, I have decided that for local artisan and craft shows that I won't do primitive any longer.  Some might consider that a 'cop out' or a denial of my 'artistic' viewpoint but at some point in time economics does have to come into play and for me, this is it.  I'll be working like mad the next few weeks on my unprim designs so I hope you'll continue to come back to see what I'm up to.  Hope you're having a great week and happy crafting, whatever it is you are working on!


  1. OH Deb it is in the USA also some people just do not get the prim thing still, and I have seen that more country cute cabin and sabby chic items sell well. I have been meaning to dabble a bit my self in some of these items, if I could only find the time to LOL
    Hope your shows go well for you
    I love your new items myself that hen is adorable

  2. Now you know how I feel:( What you have made would sell over here...quiet well actually. Only trouble I heart is not in it so I can't come up with anything.

  3. Deb, I have the same trouble from time to time. I personally like all types of crafts, but have found the prim look is more me. I agree in order to keep doing what we love (crafting) we have to do what the public will buy.
    I must say I love that flower pot!


  4. Love your creations, Deb. It seems whatever you put your hand to, it'll come out beautifully.

    Unfortunately, you do have to make what the customer wants if you want to sell anything, but you never know if someone might like prim. Is there any way you can bring a few prim items to the craft shows, just in case? Spreading your eggs in many baskets, so to speak. :)


  5. Rare to see prims at shows in our area too! I like Tracy's idea of bringing a few prims in case the elusive prim person shows up. And I really like your Momma Hen! You are so talented-good luck! ~*~Lisa

  6. Deb,

    Finding out just what will sell is half the get painting girl! You have customers waiting to buy! I paint what will sell, not necessarily what I like afterall this is a business and my livelihood. It seems that prim painted things don't sell as well as prim fabric things do at shows. Whereas online you can sell it.

    I love your painting even you kitshy, country stuff! LOL!


  7. Good evening, Deb,
    I just love your Momma Hen...that is way too cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  8. I sure know exactly what you mean, Deb!! I'm in the same boat here and have been making just prim stuff for myself. If you were a singer I would quote American Idol and say you could sing the phone book...everything you do is awesome and you are such a talented painter that you can just about do anything!! Keep up the wonderful work, sell your stuff, don't worry about the style. I've been thumbing through my OLD painting books...cutsey country stuff does sell...
    Good luck with you sales, wish I could be there!
    Hugs ~ Nancy

  9. Styles go in trends which is a bummer but if you want to survive as a retailer you have to adapt. Rotten I know:( What I'm seeing in my neck of the woods is lots of Victorian, lacy, retro, shabby chic with a bit of Marie Antoinette thrown in for good measure...LOL. I have no idea what to do with all that:)

    Love the chicken:)


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