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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have You Seen This? Artful Gathering 2011

Have you seen this yet?!  Wow, what an exciting online event.  Here's the scoop; some amazingly talented artisans are going to be offering online classes in everything from paper crafts to jewelry making to art dolls to ... well, just click here to see a list of all the workshops that will be offered, what an incredible collection!  The event is running from July 16 - August 20, 2011 and it looks like you will need to register for an invitation so you can purchase the classes on June 25th.  Think I'm going to have to do it, the only thing is, I can't decide which classes to choose, they all look wonderful!  Thanks to the writers of the PFATT blog for pointing me to this event, hope to see some of you there? Just click the picture above to go to the Artful Gathering site.


  1. Oh yes!! I guess I should've been posting about this, too, but I was still in the prim mindset and didn't think anyone would be interested.

    Zinnia is my teacher over at RAIL. She is one of the most awesome teachers I've ever had and is one of the creators of the event.

    Thanks for posting about it, Deb. I hadn't paid too much attention to the teachers as of late. Wow, Nancy James Maxwell!?! I recently discovered her, and she's amazing, too. You can imagine I about choked on my spit when she complimented me on something I created over at All Thumbs Crafts. Wow, it's a stellar line up. I'm going to try to swing some of these classes. Thanks again for reminding me.


  2. I had heard about it but I didn't realize they had a site. Thanks for the link:)


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