Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Storm

Evening everyone.  Well, we're having a crasher/banger storm here right now, the thunder is so loud you can feel the vibrations in your feet and the glasses in the cupboard are rattling.  I love it!  I've always loved storms; love to witness the raw power of nature, kind of puts you in your place you know?  And talk about rain!  I got some new 45 gallon rain water collection barrels and within an hour the one barrel was full to overflowing.  Which is a good thing since we have somehow crept into the extreme forest fire danger category around here despite our long, cool spring.  So hopefully none of the lightening strikes will start a forest fire, last years fire was more than enough thank you!  And while I might be enjoying this storm, our pup, The Queen, is definitely NOT enjoying it.  She hates any loud noises and turns into a panting, shivering, shedding ball of puppy fur whenever we have thunder and lightening.  I try to comfort her but to no avail, she just quivers and shakes and won't leave your side until the storm has passed.  After that, she collapses asleep for hours, plum worn out from all of the anxiety.  Our big guy could care less about storms and looks at her like she is slightly insane (which she is!) whenever she carries on.  Hope you're all having a great day, storms or no storms!  Talk soon,


  1. We had a lot of thunder and lightening last night but no rain. We could use some right now.
    Our dogs hate anything that goes boom.
    Be safe & Prim Blessings

  2. We haven't had any Thunder storms here...thank goodness. I don't mind them they just bring the Rain I hate rain. I know it's is needed but I still hate it.


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