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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whatcha Working On Thursday

I know, I know, it's supposed to be Whatcha Working On WEDNESDAY but Blogger was not cooperating yesterday and I couldn't get this post published without totally wrecking my site LOL!  So I'm giving it another try, hope it works this time.  Karen over at Buttons In The Attic had the same idea it seems, check out her WIP...Thursday! post too :O)

Well, I've been busy as a bee the last few days and sewing and painting up a storm!  My PAFA Etsy team is having a fall celebration and giveaway starting on August 28th (click here to follow the PAFA blog so you won't miss any of the excitement!) and so it has motivated me to get my craft on!  Also, I just received my first wholesale order and so I have been busy cutting and sewing for that as well.  Here are some of my newly completed designs:

Witch Hats and Broomsticks Bowl Fillers

Punkin Pokes ~ Three Prim Pumpkins In A Mason Jar

Corey The Witch Crow Ornie

I've got more cut out and stuffed, just waiting for some sewing and painting.  Here are some of my Frost On the Pumpkin bowl fillers and Prim Acorn bowl fillers waiting patiently!

If you'd like these patterns to make your own bowl fillers, just check out my download widget to the left for your FREE copy of my epatterns :O)

And here are some more WIP's, I'm making up some of my Jack O'Bat ornies and turning my Who's Who Owl epattern into a little Orenda Owl Witch, she's still coming together at this point!

And here's what I am making for my wholesale order, some of my Ho Ho Crow Ornies:

And my Santa Crow Makedo's:

If you're interested, all of the items pictured above are available at my Etsy shop or my selling blog.

So enough lollygagging, it's time I got back to work since as you can see I've got LOTS to do!  Hope you're having a great week and hope you'll share what you're working on too!

Happy crafting,


  1. Love ALL of your creations Deb! Congrats on your wholesale order! I've been working on pumpkins & witch hats & brooms too. Have FUN! ~*~Lisa

  2. It all looks great, Deb! I just finished my 7th project for the celebration....the painting that is! Now I've got to assemble (walking off, dragging my anchor....)

  3. Wow Deb, it looks like you've been sewing away!
    Wonderful creations!!!
    Congrats on your first wholesale order!
    Happy Crafting!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Wow Deb, congrats!!! A wholesale order! If you weren't busy before you sure will be now!! Everything is wonderful, as usual!!!


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