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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Is Definitely Here and Thank You Glen Oaks Primitives

Well, I think it is official; fall is definitely here in my neck of the Northern woods!  Here's a picture I took of our back yard yesterday, it's not real clear in the photo but the fog was drifting in and out of the trees when I snapped the photo and the hills in behind our house were totally obscured.

Yes, the leaves are turning, the squirrels are gathering pine cones and eating the last of the Saskatoon berries on our bushes.  They are also gathering up mouthfuls of old fiberglass insulation we had in the back of the truck to take to the dump; I've been trying to get a picture of them with their mouths stuffed full of pink fluff to line their nests for the winter but the little devils are pretty darn quick!  In previous years they have ripped out the insulation from the underside of our barbeque cover to insulate their homes and they also gather up the dog hair we (continuously!) comb out of our big dog.  They are very entertaining to watch!

The cooler weather and changing of the leaves has finally put me into a Christmas crafting mood and I've been painting for a change instead of sewing.  I completed this too cute Brrr! Snowman portrait the other day.

The pattern (called 'Feelin' Frosty) is by Lorrie Weber of Joyful Heart Studios.  Cute huh?!  I got the epattern over at Toletown, it was in the February, 2011 issue of their 'Paint The Town' ezine.

Then, I also (finally) completed a little sign that I had adapted from a design by Susan Kelly of Puddles of Paint.

Her original design was entitled 'Warm Your Heart' and again it was a pattern from Toletown in their February, 2011 'Paint The Town' ezine.  If you are a painter and want access to hundreds of epatterns, online classes and monthly ezines with MORE epatterns from Lorrie, Susan and many other talented painters then check out, it is money very well spent!  I'll also have both of these paintings listed for sale soon at my selling blog and on Etsy if you are interested in either of them.

I also started to work on some little paint stick ornies from a pattern that was offered as a freebie by Janet over at Today's Fabulous Finds last year.

They are too cute and I thought they'd make a cute gift tie-on for Christmas presents or to include as a freebie gift with purchase.  But who new that 5 gallon paint sticks are different sizes in the States and Canada?!  The ones I was able to get here are significantly narrower than the word art printables included in the epattern so I've had to trim them repeatedly to get them to fit onto my paint sticks.  And even though I have sprayed the photocopied word art with some fixative, the images are still smearing when I try and modge podge them to the paint sticks.  Arghhhh!  They may end up on the back burner for a bit until I calm down, they are frustrating the heck out of me right now LOL!  And please note that this is in NO WAY intended as a comment against Janet's design, her pattern is fabulous, it's me and my issues that are the problem!

I received a wonderful surprise the other day when Susan of Glen Oaks Primitives contacted me at my selling blog and asked if she could feature some of my designs on her blog!  I (of course!) said yes and she very kindly did a post about some of my creations.  Click here to read her post and make sure you follow her and read the rest of her blog, she is a very kind lady and shares all kinds of wonderful links to other primitive crafters and recipes, check out her Fresh Ginger Cheesecake recipe, it looks sooo good!

Well, I must sign off as I got a load of firewood yesterday (another sure sign that fall is officially here!) so I must get to work and get it all stacked and ready to load into the woodstove.  Have a great day and talk soon!


  1. You are such a wonderful painter, Deb. I'm drooling over that snowman; I'm such a sucker for snowmen (and snowwomen, too)! Sorry to hear about the paint stick problems. It's silly that they're different sizes across the border.

    Love the view of your backyard. You live in such a beautiful area.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  2. Great view, we don't get much of a leaf changing season, one day they are green and the next brown. Love all of your new painted designs. I love the look of those paint sticks. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Deb. My husband solved a problem about paint/ink/etc. smearing when applying sealer: use spray on sealer for the first coat. It seals enough that you can later go on with the second coat with a brush if you like.

    Cute idea, though...I may use this concept next year for my yearly Christmas ornament gifts to family. Awesome. :~)

  4. Hi Deb! Great post, you are one busy lady as usual!! Your painting is wonderful, I haven't utilized my membership in Tole much to do and so little time these days! :) Never ceases to amaze me how fast the days fly by. Maybe if I got off the computer???.... ;)
    Your paint stick dilemma has me thinking...I love the patterns, went there and followed and downloaded the templates. We go to the States often so I could probably pick some up then. There must be something else here though?? I know how frustrating that is, happens so much it seems.
    Beautiful view from your place. It sure is fall now...getting closer to Christmas every day! :)

  5. thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your kind words :)
    i really appreciate your support :)
    lovely little spot you have here.
    xOx, sUz :)


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