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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh The Weather Outside Is FRIGHTFUL!

It's snowing!  Big Time!  The wind is blowing, the snow is falling and it is looking very much like winter outside my window today.

They are forecasting snow for the next several days, not a lot each day but as it adds up we could be doing a lot of shoveling over the next week.  There is one 'person' in our family who is very happy about this news, our Big Dog!

Here he is making himself as flat as possible so hopefully I won't see him and make him come inside!

He would stay out there until he was so covered up that he was only a white bump on the lawn but as he gets older his joints aren't quite up to the cold weather so I did call him to come in shortly after I took this picture.  I had to call several times I might add!  He's inside now but not at all happy about it LOL!

So what's a girl to do when Mother Nature has decided that winter is here whether you're ready for it or not?  Put on the Christmas carols and sew up some gingerbread men and Christmas trees!

Aretha Franklin is singing 'Silent Night' as I type, the snow is falling, the fire is crackling and these little gingers and Christmas trees are on their way to becoming a garland.  Have a great day everyone and embrace the season!



  1. Oh Deb, I'm going to regret saying this, but I can't wait for those days! We live in Missouri and I'm sure it's just around the corner. I love snow from now until Christmas. After that I want Spring back! We had a Saint Bernard (Sadie) for 11 glorious years and she loved the snow! Best dog we've ever had! During the summer, she would lay in the bathtub where it was cool. We all didn't mind and knew she was there, but you should of seen the faces of anyone who came over and had to go to the bathroom!

  2. Love your gingers and trees! We had a bit of snow a week or so ago, and they are teasing us with the possibility of more this weekend! When I moved to the desert, I never thought I would have more snow here then I did when I lived in the Pacific Northwest!

    Is your Mr. Boston a Mastif? We had a Mastif/Shepherd/Chow mix who was a real love and she ADORED the snow! Would go and stand in it for hours and try to eat it and snuffle around in it! She hated to come in! Sure miss her--and I hope someday to have another!

    Have fun in the snow! Enjoy your carols and hot chocolate--I have carols on here too!


  3. So far no snow for us here except way up north. It's staring to get very cold though. Our dog Misty was a snow bunny too. She just loved snow and would burrow right into a snow bank. We used to have to drag her out to get her inside the house. Silly dog:) I love the face on your gingerbread man...cute:)

  4. We had some snow last week ~ the heavy wet stuff, but it's all melted now. Your creations are cute. I'm working on some gingermen too!
    Stay warm and enjoy your snow!
    Prim Blessings

  5. it's very funny to read you at this time... here in La Réunion... the summer is going to come and the weather is very hot.... I was reading you and I told to my husband : it's snowing ! He looks at me as if I became crazy..... and I continue and said... in USA !!!! no, I'm not crazy !!!! kisses Domy from la Reunion (near Mauritius island)

  6. Holy snow, woman! I guess winter is here! ~*~Lisa

  7. Burrrr...makes me cold just looking at it. Beautiful though! :)


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