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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes, you are reading it correctly, the thermometer is reading -23 Celcius today, that's about -9 Farenheit for all my American buddies!  Baby, it is most definitely cold outside!  The pups can only manage about 4 or 5 minutes outside before their poor toes get too cold to stand so the 'bathroom' breaks have been short and sweet today!  Fortunately, we will be warming up by Friday but then they are forecasting a ton of snow so I guess you have to pick your poison.  It has now started to snow here, very fine snow since it is so cold, but it is coming down in buckets.  Think I will stay inside and enjoy the fire today!

Our pup, The Queen, is certainly enjoying staying inside and taking it easy today, here's a picture of her I snapped earlier today!

Yep, she has parked herself onto our bed and nestled right into the down duvet and she is not going anywhere fast!  The Queen certainly knows how and where to make herself comfortable, especially on days like today!

I apologize for not posting for a while here, but my Mom and Dad were up visiting so I was taking the opportunity to spend time with them and enjoy the visit.  They were here for my birthday which was a rare treat and my Mom made me a beautiful chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing.  We were trying to remember when it was that she had last made me a birthday cake and suffice to say it was a long, long time ago!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the cake (it was devoured rather quickly!) but it was a very special birthday for me with my Mom and Dad in attendance.  Here's a picture of the pretty carnations that I got, carnations are my birthday flower and I love them!

I have also been very remiss about crafting lately so have to get back at it.  I've been experimenting with printing images onto muslin, it works beautifully but I can't get the ink to set.  I've tried heat setting it with an iron, in the dryer, in the oven but it still runs and bleeds when it gets wet no matter what I do.  I think that you need to have indelible ink in your printer in order for this technique to work but unfortunately I can't get that type of ink for my Epson Photo printer.  I have tried also to seal the print with some spray matte sealer after the ink has dried.  I have had varying levels of success with that technique but find I have to use a ton of sealer in order to keep the ink from running and even then, it still does run a bit and the image gets faded, which I rather like but it is not inexpensive to do with the amount of sealer I end up using!

It is too bad as I have some fabulous etchings from the Graphics Fairy that I was just itching to turn into pillows, tucks and bowl fillers but printing them directly onto the muslin is just not going to work with my printer.  I learned an image transfer technique when I took Jodi Ohl's class last summer at Artful Gathering using tar gel that I might try but I would have to figure out how to mount the transferred image onto the fabric, thinking maybe heat and bond might work?  But I'm not sure how much heat the transferred image will withstand before it starts to melt and disintegrate?  I will keep you posted!  And yes, I know that there are image transfer papers out there that you can purchase commercially but the price of them is outrageous so I'm trying to come up with a cheap cost effective method!

I also have some cutter quilt projects rolling around in the back of my noggin and I just received a lovely cutter quilt that I purchased from Susan Mudge, The Country Store on Facebook.

I love all the different colours and the spool pattern, I'd never seen one like that before.  It is lovely and clean as well which is always nice when you are buying used quilts.  It is frayed and worn and ready for cutting so stay tuned to see what I decide to make from it.  Thanks so much Susan, it is just great!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you'll pop by again soon.  Stay warm everyone and happy crafting, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and then St. Paddy's Day, I'm thinking leprechauns?!  Talk soon,



  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Deb. Sounds like you had a nice time and especially with your mother and father being there!!!! Sure is cold where you can keep it too!!!! lol

  2. Happy Birthday, Deb. I'm glad you got to spend time with your parents. The quilt is so pretty. I hope you make some awesome things with it. Keep searching for solution to the printing on fabric. There must be something somewhere for a better transfer method.

  3. Baby that is cold. Brrrrr......time to stay in and just work on your wonderful projects. The quilt is beautiful. Hope you get your ink to set. I have heard that certian printers ink doesn't do as well as others. Happy late birthday. I am glad you got to spend it with your parents. -Steph-

  4. Hi Deb, Yes, it is very cold here, too, and to top it off the winds are supposed to blow strong later on today. I think your pup has the right idea :) Snuggle in and take a nap. Take care, Vicki


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