Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fixing The 'I Can't Leave A Comment' Problem On Blogger!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posting this fix, I tried to do it yesterday but the CME (coronal mass ejection or solar storm) was playing havoc with our satellite internet connection and I couldn't get on line for more than a few seconds.

I've seen folks posting around blogland that they have been having problems leaving or getting comments but I hadn't been paying much attention until it happened to me (funny how that works, eh?!).  I got an email from Lois, The Huckleberry Lady, telling me she hadn't been able to leave a comment at my blog and directing me to a 'fix' she had seen posted over at Velma's blog, Down Our Country Lane.  Here is the link to Velma's post: .

In a nutshell, some of your readers are unable to leave you a comment if you have the embedded comment box below your posts.  It seems to mostly be happening to those who use IE (Internet Explorer) so that is probably why I wasn't having problems leaving comments since I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser.  Anyway, the fix as Velma's post points out, is easy!  Just change your comment settings to have your comment location come up as a pop up box or on a separate page.  I chose to use a separate page as some people do have pop-up blockers on their browsers so that method may keep folks from commenting on your blog as well.  Velma's link tells you how and where to change your settings, so get it done so all of your lovely followers can leave you comments!

Hope it works for you and if so, leave me a comment to let me know (now that you CAN leave a comment LOL!)



  1. I am one of those ppl who can't comment on some Blogs. I simply thought it was to do with the fact that I changed to wordpress or use open Id these Days

  2. Thanks Deb, I have had people tell me the same thing. I just thought it was a problem with their google account. Not mine. I will check this out. -Steph-


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