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Saturday, January 21, 2012

From One Extreme To The Other

Well, if you remember my last post three days ago, this very same thermometer was reading MINUS 23 degrees and now it is PLUS 5, what in the heck is going on with the weather this year?  Too crazy and now we have about 6 inches of heavy wet snow that we are shoveling and plowing, oh joy!

The big dog is, of course, ecstatic!  Lots of new snow to roll around in and warm enough that his toes don't freeze!  The Queen, on the other hand, is not quite so happy, she is definitely NOT a winter dog!

Um, excuse me, I have snow on my nose, would someone please remove it?!  Big dog just loves to snuffle snow, here he is searching for his clumps of ice that we clean out of our artesian well overflow pipe.

This dog is addicted to ice, no seriously, he needs a 12 step program!  He will chew on ice cubes, ice from the well, ice from the pond, ice from the creek until you swear his stomach must be plumb froze over.  And then he will go back looking for more!

Here he is lying in the snow, chewing on his giant ice cube, he is in heaven!  The Queen is trying to cause problems in the background, he has another piece of ice stashed over there in the snow and she is trying to dig it out, which she KNOWS drives him absolutely batty!  Take a look at the look on his face below when she tries to edge in on his ice!

Take one step closer sweetheart and I WILL chomp on you!  Very gently of course and only in play, they are the best of buddies :O)  So the Queen decided to do what SHE loves best!

RUN!  Flat out, ears laid back, running and leaping over her brother and through the bush until she is totally out of puff (which as she gets older happens sooner and sooner, but isn't that the way for all of us LOL?).  They are too funny, our two pups, my DH and I were laughing our heads off at the two of them today, they bring us so much joy!

Back inside now, I've been working on some bunnies!  I got a lovely cutter quilt from Susan Mudge, The Country Store (see my last post) so decided to make some wee bunny bowl fillers with it.

Think I'll sell them as a group of five?  They are just wee little guys.  And not sure if I should add some more embellishments or just leave them as is.  Thinking maybe a hang tag attached to one of the five with 'Old Quilts' on it or 'Baby Bunnies' or ???  Feel free to pipe up with any suggestions!

And then I have this WIP, Ms. Mopsy from a pattern by Crows On The Cupola.

She is so adorable!  Deb's pattern called for embroidering her eyes and egg but I decided to paint them instead.  She still needs her grunging bath and her tail and of course her arms sewn on to hold her egg but I should have her finished tonight.  I think she is too cute!  Thanks for the pattern Deb, it is wonderful!

So on that note, I better get back to work.  Hope you have a great weekend and that your weather isn't as goofy as ours!  Talk to you again soon,



  1. Loved the pictures of your dogs. They are having themselves a good ol time. I love your new bunnies also.


  2. Baby Bunnies for the tag would be cute. Gosh I love dogs playing in the snow. I saw the look on the big guy's face. Too funny! Rabbits are looking great.

  3. LOL Deb that is still TOO cold!!!!!!!!BRRRRR

    Your dogs seem to be enjoying the snow BEAUTIFUL

    love the bunnies


  4. Love your dog pics! They look adorable and fun together. My dogs prefer to stay inside...too cold for them, I guess.

    We're getting your snow within the next day or two - about 4 inches. Still below zero, though, but thankfully we're warm inside.

    Beautiful bunnies. Can't wait to see the WIP all finished. ;)

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  5. We once had a black lab that was crazy about snow and ice. It was so much fun to watch. The bunnies are cute. I especially love the Ms. Mopsy. She will be wonderful when all grunged up and done. The weather is so weird here too. -Steph-


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