Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here's Mopsy!

Hi everyone, as I promised yesterday, here is Ms. Mopsy all done and ready for her big debut on Etsy!

I think she turned out too darn cute!  Thanks again to Deb of Crows On The Cupola for this great pattern and if you are interested in purchasing Mopsy Bunny, she will be available shortly in my Etsy shop and on my selling blog.  Hope you are all having a great Sunday, off to brainstorm some St. Patrick's Day ideas!



  1. Your bunny turned out great Deb! Can't wait to see your brainstorming results ~*~Lisa

  2. Ahh, he turned out beautiful! Great job, Deb.

  3. She is adorable! My friend Lois from The Huckleberry Lady blog told me you made her so I had come check her out! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post!


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