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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Already?!

Happy February everyone!  A month for cold and snow (here up North at least), a time for flowers and chocolates and hearts as we celebrate Valentine's Day and a time to start thinking about Spring.  And it's a leap year this year, I didn't realize that until I made up my calendar last month.  So Happy February , Happy Leap Year and here's to an early Spring!

I had told you about my newest creation that I was working on a couple of posts ago and gave you some 'sneak peeks'.  I added the listing to my Olde Primitive Peddler's page last night, so I can now share it with you.

It's a leprechaun hat filled with shamrocks and gold coins for St. Patrick's Day!  I'm pleased with how it turned out :O)  It is available exclusively on my OPP page for the month of February, click here if you are interested in seeing more.

I also made a new bunny, meet Rosemary Rabbit!

She's dressed in her apron and has her rolling pin and is ready to hop into the kitchen and start baking for her family.  She's a very role-poly rabbit (very fond of chocolate cake!) and is destined for someone special, but I can't tell you who quite yet!

So what to work on next?  I think I need to make up some bowl fillers for St. Patrick's Day (thinking shamrocks and four leave clovers) and I'd love to do some leprechaun bowl filler's as well but don't have any red wool roving for their beards :O(  I was contemplating trying to dye some on my own but I fear that has disaster written all over it (visions of red dye all over the kitchen, the floor, my hands, etc., etc.; you get the picture!).  So I'll have to jot down that idea for next year until I can purchase some red wool roving.  And I have a cutter quilt downstairs crying to be made into something more, plus I just purchased two more quilts so will have cutter quilts everywhere shortly LOL!  I did up a little pillow with the quilt and a printed image from the Graphic's Fairy a few days ago:

It is too cute, love the bunny image and I love the timeworn look of the quilt backing.  And I wanted to tell you about my printing on fabric dilemma that I was talking about a few posts ago (my printer ink ran like crazy and I couldn't print on fabric).  Well, my printer fixed that up for me, it died!  Yep, just up and quit a day or two after I made that post.  So I now have a new printer that has water resistant ink so no more fabric printing worries, woo-hoo!  I'm still going to experiment with other image transfer techniques though because I have heard rumours that printing on fabric can be very detrimental to your printer's heads and since I have a brand new machine I don't want to wreck it already!  I'm going to try a technique using tar gel or matte medium and will let you know how it works.  As for my little Peter Rabbit pillow, it is available in my Etsy shop if you are interested, just click here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful February!  We'll talk again soon,



  1. I love the Peter Rabbit pillow. I've been looking at printing on fabric too...I bought a pack of inkjet printable fabric at my quilt shop. Only 5 sheets and a bit too expensive but I plan in only printing small images so I can get a few on one sheet.

  2. The Peter Rabbit pillow is adorable and very vintage looking. The Shamrocks and Hat are a really cute idea, they came out very nice.
    Rosemary is so adorable, she's full of chocolate cake like me.
    I think you can safely print fabric but you just have to clean the printer heads more often. I'm not sure, I think I read that.

  3. Love the Hat and shamrocks....well just love everything!!!! Love the "bow tie" pillow. That is cute how the quilt looks like that when you make a pillow out of it.

  4. Love everything! Gorgeous work girlfriend!

  5. I love love love the hat and Rosemary! So sweet!

  6. All your creations are wonderful!!!
    Love the bunny pillow!!! Sorry to hear your printer died ~ but glad to hear you can now print on fabric without any worries.
    Prim Blessings

  7. I love everything I see you have made!
    You are very talented.
    I also LOVE the Peter Rabbit pillow!
    We are Irish so I REALLY LOVE the shamrocks and the hat, you did an AWESOME job on them!
    Thanks for posting them and sharing your talent.
    Prim Blessings,

  8. Deb, I love the pillows. How cute. You have been so busy creating such wonderful things. -Steph-


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