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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Is Here, I Have Proof!

Do you see it?  There, in the middle of the picture, perched on that branch.

It's a robin!  I can't believe that they are here already, it is very early for them to show up, we still have snow on the ground.  But yep, the robins are back!  I heard them on Thursday, singing in the tops of the trees but I didn't get a picture until yesterday.  It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning to bird song, I never realize how QUIET it is in the fall and winter until the song birds return and fill the woods with their trills and chirps.  And if the robins are here, Spring is not far behind, yay!

I hope that the wee guys have found a nice, dry protected place to hunker down today though, it is cool and rainy and windy and the snow is falling on the hills just a few hundred feet above our house.  So our Spring harbingers may have to head down into the lower valley for a day or two until the sun returns and it warms up again but they have returned here so Spring is well and truly on it's way!

As it was a cool and rainy day today, I headed into town this morning to stock up on some sewing supplies at my local fabric store; I've been so busy I was totally out of muslin and thread (who in the heck runs out of thread?!) and was down to the last few ounces of fiber fill as well.  When I got into town I discovered that the fabric store was having an anniversary sale and EVERYTHING  was 50% off!  Score!!  So I loaded up on a bolt of muslin, three huge bags of fiber fill, thread, buttons, DMC floss .... I'm set now!  The gals in the fabric shop were wondering what I was going to do with it all so I took the opportunity to hand out some business cards to show them; hey, you never know where a sale might come from :O)

And speaking of sales, I did a count yesterday and discovered that I have had more sales on Etsy in the first 2 1/2 months of this year than I had ALL of last year!  I am so excited, I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I'm awake every time I check my email to find I have another order!  Now, for those of you who are successful and have a lot of Etsy sales my modest accomplishment may not seem like much but for me it is huge :O)  I don't know what the difference is; perhaps now that I am 'retired' and am devoting more time to promoting myself online and listing more often in my Etsy shop I am being 'found' more but whatever the reason I am so stoked.  I now have to get my rear in gear though and come up with some new designs for summer; time to put the thinking cap back on!  I just got some new stencils from Becca at Folk Art From The Harbor so will start with those and make up some signs as I deliberate what to do next.

Just before I go, I want to remind you that I am having a 'Paying It Back' giveaway which is running until March 20th.

Just click the button above to go to my giveaway post to enter and good luck to all!  And just a reminder, PLEASE leave me some way to contact you if you are a no-reply blogger; I've got a couple of folks who entered who I am unable to give entries to as they haven't left any way for me to contact them if they win!

Have a great weekend everyone and for those of us in Canada and the U.S., remember to 'Spring Forward' tonight for the start of daylight savings time; ahhh, all of that lovely daylight!  Talk soon,



  1. I hope you kissed your sweetheart when you saw the first robin of spring!
    Congrats on the sales, you go girl!


  2. The first Robin is always an exciting day for us too! Congrats on your sales Deb! ~*~Lisa

  3. I saw one at my house too!!!! I was so excited I squealed!

  4. DEb,

    When I first looked at your picture, I thought, you were off your rocker! It didn't look at all like spring with snow on the ground...but I did see that little Robin redbreast in the tree on second glance. Anyway, I know we've had robins here for a few weeks and all the flowers are springing up. Have a great Sunday.


  5. I haven't seen any robins here yet ~ hopefully soon. It sure was a beautiful day here in WI.
    Congrats on your sales ~ I know it is very exciting to see those emails for orders. Sounds like you have a lot of projects planned, can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Hope you have a fun and creative week!
    Prim Blessings

  6. That's so exciting to see signs of spring. I know I am more than ready for it. Congrats on all the luck on etsy as well!

  7. I saw my first Robin yesterday on my garage roof. I squealed and ran and got my camera! my kids thought I was nuts!! Congratulations on your sales!!


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