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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apologies But The Word Verification Is Back

Hi everyone, just a quick post to apologize; I had removed the word verification on my comments as I know many do not like the new Google verification process but since removing it I've been inundated with SPAM comments.  So sorry to say, but I've had to put the verification back on :O(  Hope you'll still stop to leave me a comment, I enjoy reading them all so much.  And P.S. Google, what have you done with everyone's followers?  I haven't seen any GFC widgets on anyone's blogs since last week?  I miss my followers!  Hope you have a great week everyone,



  1. No problem, we understand and we'll manage!

    Hope all is well!


  2. No many people have it that I've become an expect in obscure foreign languages LOL

    p.s. I managed to get my old blogger back...I have no idea how I did it :)

  3. Truthfully, I don't find the WV to be a big problem. I know what you mean about the spam, right after I turned mine off I got links to pornography sites. Geesh, what does THAT say about me? HeeHee. And yet others have never had a problem with spam. The GFC is still on the blogs I read, I wonder what happened with yours? Sometimes I just close everything down and start over, other times I have to switch browsers and that fixes it. I can't use Internet Explorer anymore, I can't leave comments, it doesn't recognize my profile. It's strange the way the computer works sometimes.

  4. GFC is gone from all non-Blogger blogs permanently. I posted about it on my blog (if you're interested) It occasionally hides on Blogger, but if you clear your browser's Cache/Temp Files, Cookies, and History, close your browser and reopen it that should fix it. I don't like WV myself. I personally do not use Blogger's commenting system because of the WV and spam etc. I use Disqus instead and I get almost no spam at all. Worth a peek really. You can eliminate WV and spam! :)


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