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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Already?!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous, how can it be Sunday again already?!  Where in the heck is the time flying off to?  Seems like just yesterday I was posting about Earth Day and now another week has come and gone; heck, another MONTH has come and gone, it's almost May!  My gosh, the year is going to be half over before we know it, isn't it funny how we wait and wait for summer to arrive and before you know it, it is here and gone.  Note to self, stop and smell the roses this year Deb and enjoy the lazy daze of summer LOL!

So, what have I been up to this week?  Well, training continues with our juvenile delinquent, she is now on a lead each and every time we go outside as she continues to run off and do Lord knows what for a few hours if she is not attached to us!  She is not happy about the whole situation but we feel this is the only way to get it through her puppy brain that this is her home now and that running off willy-nilly whenever she feels like it is NOT an option.  We live in a rural area, folks have calves and lambs and chickens, and if she starts chasing or, even worse, killing livestock she will be a very dead puppy.  So, for her own safety and our peace of mind, she is on a lead at all times.  She has energy to burn so we are out for long walks several times a day which is a very good thing for me and our other pups too.  She settles in and snoozes after we've gone on our walks, she has taken to lying on the leather couch and resting her head on a little cutter quilt pillow I bought from The Rusty Thimble, it's the perfect size!

Yep, I'd say she looks VERY comfy!!

I've also been diving into the destash goodies that my friend sent to me.  I used one of the cheeseboxes she sent, one of her crows she had made, some raffia and some of the Sweet Annie to make this 'Watermelon Crow Cheesebox Light'.

I made up some simple watermelon slices, a hang tag and grunged up a battery operated tea light to complete the picture and I love how it turned out!  I'll be listing it in my Etsy shop in conjunction with the Old Farmhouse Gathering Summer Celebration that will be starting on May 17th :O)

Then, I took one of the doll bodies that my friend had started:

and have decided to make an Uncle Sam doll out of it.  We are doing a Firecracker Challenge over at the Olde Primitive Peddler for our May and June listings so Uncle Sam will be my entry, not sure how the firecrackers will be incorporated yet but I'm working on it!  Here's a sneak peak at him in progress:

Gotta get moving on him, he has to be done by May 1st!!  But I'm having so much fun playing with pictures over at PicMonkey I keep getting distracted!!  Love the daguerreotype effect on the pic of my Uncle Sam WIP <3 and the photo of Haley was edited at PicMonkey too :O)

Let's see, what else, I must have been doing something else to make this week fly by!  Oh yes, a customer contacted me on Etsy to ask if I could add another fish to my 'Gone Fishin' trout peg rack (Lisa~The Moonlit Stitch, you were right!  You told me I needed to string more fish!).  So I added another smaller fish for my customer as she had requested and here is the finished project.

She convo'd me to say it was "perfect - the extra fish is exactly the look I'd hoped for" :O)  So glad when I can make my customers happy!  I've also been working on another Etsy order for my sunflower and watermelon bowl fillers, they've all been sewn up and are waiting on stuffing and painting.  So I guess it has been a fairly busy week for me what with puppy training, destash diving, picture playing and custom orders!

Hope that you have all had a great week and that you have been better than I at managing your time!  I will try and make a post before another week has past but I'm not promising anything as I have more orders to fill, my Uncle Sam to finish and more new creations to design for the upcoming Old Farmhouse Gathering "In The Good Olde Summertime" Celebration!  Thanks as always for stopping by and we will talk again soon,



  1. You know Deb, i was thinking just the same thing about how fast the weekend flew by {it is Monday morning here}. This year is going by so quickly, it will be Christmas time again before we know
    LOVE what you have done with the adorable.
    I sure hope your 'baby' doesn't keep running so much nicer not to be on a lead all the time..Wonder why she keeps taking off like that..
    Enjoying your blog very much..luv Annie xx

  2. Sounds like it 's been busy. Time goes by when you're having fun:) Your Uncle Sam is going to be awesome. Hope you show us when you are all done. It should be by now. What a comfy doggie. -Steph-


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