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Saturday, April 14, 2012

We Have A New Addition To Our Family!

Evening everyone, hope you are having a great weekend.  I've been busy with the new addition to the family, a stray pup who turned up on the doorstep.  I've actually been seeing her around the house off and on over the last couple of months; when I first saw her she was thin but looked healthy and happy, had a collar on (no tags though), so I thought she belonged to one of the farms further up the valley.  I didn't see her for a couple of weeks and then she turned up again, this time in the company of one of the neighbour's dogs.  She was still friendly and happy but looked even thinner than the first time I had seen her.  And then she came back to the house again on Thursday evening, by herself this time.  She still was wearing a collar but was so painfully thin I didn't know how she could even stand let alone be running and jumping and playing with our two dogs.  Here's a picture to show you how thin she is :O(

It was supper time when she showed up, so I mixed her a big bowl of food, brought her into the house and she's been with us ever since.  When I took off the collar she was wearing, she had several open wounds underneath it on her neck plus, as I later discovered, a BUNCH of ticks (which I've now removed).  She is a lovable and gentle pup, I think she is probably around 6 months old as she has all of her adult teeth but still has lots of puppy traits and characteristics.  She is house trained, no accidents at all in the house, and even though she is so thin and emaciated she is very polite and gentle when taking food.  As she's probably been on her own and running with whichever dogs she can find for who knows how long, I've been spending a lot of time with her on the property 'showing' her where her boundaries are now so she doesn't take off again.  She's a very smart pup, listens very well and is going to be a wonderful addition to my furry family :O)  Here's a picture of her on the 'puppy couch' with her new favourite toy.

Lord only knows what breed she is, anyone want to guess?!  I see lab in her, either boxer or rottweiler as she has a very square head, but she's got a long body and long legs and a curled fox tail; her tail is the fattest thing about her!  Hopefully no permanent damage has been done by her current state of starvation; I am kicking myself for not taking her in weeks ago.  She's got an appointment at the vet on Wednesday for the once over and shots and I will then take it from there; I'm sure she will need to be spayed but I'll worry about that after she has put on some weight and is healthy.

I've been working on some watermelon bowl fillers for a customer who asked for them as a special order.  When they sent me their convo on Etsy I thought "No problem, I can whip up some of those".  Ha!  I've been struggling with the darn things all week, I don't know why but I could not wrap my head around how to make them!  Funny how you run into blocks like that, I've got innumerable false starts and failed 'prototypes' in my rag bag, but I finally have the darn things licked!  They still need to be painted but I'm so happy I figured out how to make them I just have to show you!

Silly, right?  They're watermelon slices for gosh sakes, it's not rocket science!!  Aw well, hopefully my customer will like them and then all of the false starts will be well worth it :O)

Do you like the photo editing I did on the watermelon picture?  If you are in mourning over Picnik closing as I am, then you HAVE to check out PicMonkey, it is amazing and so much fun!  Here's the link: , head on over to check it out and thanks so much to Kim of Old Road Primitives for blogging about PicMonkey, I didn't know what I was going to do on April 19th when Picnik will be no more.  RIP Picnik and thanks for nothing Google!!

Well, I should sign off as I have three pups to take for an evening walk and then I need to get painting those watermelons!  Have a lovely Sunday and we will talk soon,



  1. Oh Deb,she looks so very happy! I wish you the best of luck with her!

  2. Oh Deb I am so glad that you have taken her into your family. We have a new member this weekend. After missing our two these past months we adopted a lovely boy who we have called Rufus. I have his picture on my blog today. Two happy puppies with new loving families, what could be better.


  3. Hi Deb,
    I'm so glad you took her in! Shes a beauty and I hope she gets filled out quickly. She's lucky to have you and I wish you all a happy home.

  4. Oh Deb, what a sweetie she is and how lucky she is to have found you! I wish i could tell you what breed she is, but I know she has found a wonderful home :) wishing you all the best with her, I definitely would have taken her in too, poor thing. Your water melons look great so far! Have a great day!!
    hugs, Trish

  5. She's so precious. I wish she showed up on my farm! We plan on adopting another dog soon. Good luck with your new furry child, and the watermelons.

  6. Hi, Deb:
    The pup looks very happy to be with all of you. Thank God for your kindness. She looks like she has some Corgi in her.

  7. What a lovely looking dog...I'm glad you took her in. I agree with the previous comment. Her head shape looks just like a corgi's :)

  8. Such a sweet looking puppy Deb!!!
    I'm sure she is happy to be with you!!!
    Can't wait to see the watermelons all painted up ~ I bet they are going to be fabulous!!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Good evening, Deb,
    She looks like a very sweet puppy. Give her a hug from us! Have a great week! ~Natalie

  10. Oh Deb, bless you bless you for taking in this sweetheart of a dog. She is beautiful and what a sweet face. I love her fox tail. She must have sensed you would give her the love and care she so needed and deserves. I hope she brings you much love and joy in return! (I've never had much luck with melons, but yours are looking good!) ~*~Lisa

  11. Oh Deb, I am so glad you were able to take her in. She looks so happy on the pup couch :) Your watermelon slices look great, can't wait to see them painted. I am so happy to have found picmonkey too! I was really sad when I heard picnik was closing...

    Have a great day!

  12. What a blessing you are to the poor puppy. I am sure it was ment to be with her showing up to your house so many times. Good job for adopting her and not just taking her to the shelter;) I can't wait to see the finished watermelons. -Steph

  13. Deb!!!! Oh you are such a precious person for taking her in!!! You are truly my kind of friend!! I love her!


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