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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In The Good Olde Summertime With The OFG Etsy Team!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Do you know what time it is?  It's celebration time on Etsy with the Old Farmhouse Gathering team!  Starting tomorrow, May 17th, and running through to May 28th search for STCOFG on Etsy to find over a hundred wonderful NEW items created by the talented artisans of OFG for their Summer Celebration.  I've had a sneak peek at some of the offerings over on the OFG Yahoo forum and oh my gosh, everything is wonderful :0)

I managed to get my four new items created and will be listing them in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  Want a peek?  Well, here they are!

Colonial American Flag Bowl Fillers
I had made these as a special order for a customer and they were a hit so decided to add them to my Etsy shop for the summer celebration.

Watermelon Crow Vintage Cheesebox Light
I think I already shared this picture with you last week?  I made this lamp up from goodies that my friend Nancy of Stitches 'N Strokes had sent me in her destash parcel.

Fruit Salad Bowl Fillers
I had a couple of watermelon slices left over after I made the Watermelon Crow light above, so added an apple, a pear and a banana for some 'fruit salad' bowl fillers :0)

Firecracker Sam Shelf Sitter Doll
And finally, here's Sam completed!  He's been a WIP for quite awhile, I always felt he needed 'something' more and then the idea for the red, white and blue stars exploding out of the top of his firecrackers came to me.  I'm very happy with the way he turned out!

So those are my contributions to the OFG Summer Celebration and believe me, everyone else's items are absolutely wonderful so you won't want to miss the fun.  I'm going to be involved in making some treasuries for the celebration and will share them with you here so you can get a taste of all the summer time goodness on offer from the OFG team.  Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow with a treasury for you to enjoy.  Happy crafting!



  1. You made gorgeous stuff, Deb. I'll be sure to take a peek at the other OFG items. :)

  2. Hi Deb,
    Oh my gosh, I love it all, you are so talented. I think the flag bowl fillers are my favorite. Have a great evening.

  3. Wonderful creations Deb!!!
    I'm sure you will sell lots!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. That light is just too darn cute!!


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