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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Okay, I Give!

Happy May everyone!   Can you believe that it is May already?  A month for sunshine, daffodils, the warmth of the spring sun and .... snow??!!  Yep, it SNOWED here yesterday!  I took the hounds out for a walk in the hills above us and ran into snow, hail, wind ... it was quite a cornucopia of inclement weather!

Now, I'm a good Canadian gal, love the 4 seasons, love the snow but in WINTER, Mother Nature, not in May, thank you very much!  Fortunately, they are forecasting that after today and tomorrow, we are supposed to get some lovely warm weather with temperatures in the mid 20's Celsius (around 75 Fahrenheit for my American buddies).  So I just have to hang in there for another day or two hopefully!

After the walk, it was time for a campfire and roasting some garlic sausage in the snow and hail showers LOL!  The Delinquent (the newest addition) was on guard as we relaxed by the fire.

Actually, there was a squirrel in the trees that was driving her nuts and she was zeroing in on where he was, she is quite the hunter!  She has to be on a lead at all times as she will take off at light speed after squirrels, birds, deer or whatever else happens to be about.  Progress is being made with her though and she is settling into the family, isn't she beautiful?!

The Big Dog was also in hunting mode, protecting us from killer moles!

He and The Delinquent are quite the team, I didn't take a picture but they had dug huge holes between the two of them as they looked for moles.  They didn't find any but had a great time looking!

I've been working on some new Summer items for my Etsy shop in anticipation of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Etsy team's Summer celebration!

Starting on May 17th, the OFG Team will have LOTS of new items for you to enjoy, just search STCOFG from May 17th to May 28th at Etsy!  I'm going to have four new items for the celebration and one will be my Uncle Sam doll that I was telling you about.  I was going to list him at the Olde Primitive Peddler for May 1st but he just wasn't coming together as I had hoped so he will be making his debut on the 17th in my Etsy shop instead :O)  Here's a sneak peek, he's still a WIP but is coming together at last!

Well, I must get back to work as I've another new item to come up with for the celebration yet and Uncle Sam still needs some work as you can see!  I'll leave you with a picture I took of our forsythia bush, hope you enjoy it and think Spring!



  1. It was a chilly day here too! Very windy but no snow thanks goodness!! Your new addition is so pretty :) She looks like she is fitting right in with your family! Thank you so much for the wonderful sun flower bowl fillers you made, I haven't been blogging to much since I am so busy around here, lol, but they are lovely and smell so good! Hope the weather warms up for you and that you have a fantastic weekend!

    hugs, Trish

  2. Hi
    I don't think I could stand the cold anymore , I have been down here in Fl. now for eight years and when it goes below 40 I freeze.I remember splitting wood and high snow in Pa.I will pass on that

  3. Ah Deb,we didn't get snow here but it's too cold to do anything and even though the sun is shining the wind is biting cold! Forecast is for 27 by next week here though...could it be possible??? I want to plant so bad and not be bringing plants inside every night!! LOL
    Looks beautiful in your part of the province though. And you are busy, busy, busy as usual! Uncle Sam is pretty darned adorable! I just pulled out a pattern for a couple large wood pieces for the yard, time to get the saw humming. Take care, summer is on its way.... :)

  4. Oh my word!! Snow. No way. It must be a cruel joke...heehee!

    I love your sam!! Americana is one of my favorites, for sure!


  5. I so enjoyed seeing photos of near where you live Deb.It looks beautiful.We had hail storms this past Sunday and it's cold here so I'm looking forward to some warm weather too.I don't think we're due 20 degrees though.We're on 8 at the moment!Send some over here!The doggies look wonderful as usual.I'm so glad Haley is still with you.She is such a pretty girl.Loved your Uncle Sam.You are so clever with so much patience.Post a photo for everyone to see on TGR will you?Have a good week and I hope you get some warm weather soon.xxxx

  6. Shut the front door, Deb, snow?! Love the pics of your cooking fire and puppies! Have a wonderful weekend! ~*~Lisa

  7. Ugh! I knew when I looked out at the hills yesterday that it was snowing - cold and ugly. We sure aren't having a great Spring this year are we??


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