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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Tuesday Finish And A WIP

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well.  I had posted a picture a couple of days ago of a little painted snowman shelf sitter that I was working on and wanted to show you the finished product.  I'll take some more pictures tomorrow for Etsy when the light is better but these will do to give you an idea what he looks like :O)

And here is his 'back side'!

It's been a loooong time since I did any decorative painting so the skills are more than a little rusty but I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.  I'm especially proud of myself for just 'winging' the design, I usually trace each and every little thing out onto my surface before proceeding but today I just went ahead and painted it on, sans tracing or drawing (other than the rough outline I had shown you in my last post with the quilt pen).

And since I am TERRIBLY impatient when painting and have a tendency to keep on painting without waiting for things to dry (usually with disastrous consequences!), I started a little black cat stump doll to give me something to do as I watched my paint dry!  I've had this cute pattern from Olde Rustic Prims for a while but had never made it.  The pattern is called 'Little Bud' and is by Celeste Flanagan.  The website address on her pattern, no longer exists so I'm not sure if she is still designing or not.

I know it is much too late to be making Halloween stuff but I was going through withdrawal as I hadn't made anything this year for Fall or Halloween as we were away on holidays so decided to whip him up.  He's just waiting for his eyes and some embellishments and then will be done.  I've got a couple of turkey patterns out as well and will start on some turkey bowl fillers or shelf sitters tomorrow.  We've had our 'Turkey Day' up here in Canada already but I think there is still time to get some Thanksgiving items made for my American friends since you celebrate in November.

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek and I'll post some pictures of 'Little Bud' and the turkeys when I'm done.  Talk soon!



  1. Your snowman is fabulous!
    I remember Little Bud, he looks so great the way you made him.

  2. Your snowman is fantastic! I love him :0)


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