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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy Days At Last

Good Sunday to you all!  It is finally raining here, we haven't had any rain to speak of since the middle of July so it is very welcome.  And warm!  For our neck of the woods, it is unseasonably warm, still in the high teens (Celsius that is!) during the day.  Earlier in the week I blogged about our extended forecast and how they were predicting snow for us today but that forecast has not come to pass.  Much too warm for snow here today.  Not that I am complaining, I love snow in WINTER but not right now thanks very much!

Been busy this week getting all my online sites opened back up and stuff relisted.  I've also been working on some projects that I had started last Christmas season and hadn't finished up and have two things done and listed.  Here's a peek, the first is a little handpainted star Santa Claus shelf sitter, I think he turned out pretty cute!

And then I finished up this Snowman poke yesterday, pretty happy with him too!

They are both listed in my Etsy shop, in my Artfire studio and on my selling blog if you are interested in them.  Thank goodness that I had some old projects and ideas from last year, my extended hiatus has rendered me brain dead when it comes to designing new creations!  I did my usual trick of writing down lists of words that evoke the season and trying to combine them in novel ways and nothing happened.  Zero, zilch, nada!  I'm hoping my muse will visit again real soon before I run out of ideas from last year LOL!

Spent the morning making turkey broth from what was left of our Thanksgiving turkey (it was our Thanksgiving here in Canada last weekend) and I now have a big pot of turkey soup on the go right now.  The house smells wonderful!  I love turkey, could eat it 24/7, but my DH was getting a little tired of turkey 'surprise' so Mr. Gobble got deboned and added to the soup pot.  DH was stirring the pot and noticed that I had added a can of Romano beans to the soup and was not amused; I was sitting here at the computer and heard a whispered voice in my ear asking why there were beans in the turkey soup!  I reminded him I had added them last year as well to our post-Thanksgiving turkey soup and that he had declared me the official household soup maker as he thought it was so delicious but he claims not to remember that particular incident.  I should add that beans are NOT his favourite veggie although I am sure that you have realized that by now!  I will make some fresh bread in the bread maker here shortly and that will appease any bean related issues we may experience when we have our turkey soup for dinner tonight LOL!

Well, I should get back to work on my next Christmas project, it is a little snowman shelf sitter who will have a painted winter scene on his tummy.  Here he is with the scene I sketched out with a water soluble quilt marker to see how it would look, sorry that it is a little hard to see.

Think he will be cute when I get him done and yes, I've been playing at PicMonkey again, LOVE that site LOL!

Oh and I wanted to direct you to a tutorial that Shirley of Hudson's Holidays has on her blog for her Friday Freebie, if you are looking for a quick and fun project to get you in the holiday mood, this is definitely it!  Learn how to make her adorable Scrappy Fabric Circle Pins by clicking here, I've got oodles of empty pinbacks just itching to get made into these cuties!  Thanks Shirley for the tutorial and enjoy everyone, we will talk again soon.


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  1. Hah...I make turkey soup too:) But no beans in it.


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