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Saturday, October 20, 2012


This is the view I woke up to this morning out of my bedroom window, yep, it's true, that's SNOW!  And not just a little snow, there's at least 3 cm (over an inch) and it continues to snow off and on even now.  When I opened my eyes this morning, snowflakes the size of goose down were floating past the window, I thought I was having a nightmare!  Actually, the flakes were the size of the goose, not just his down, they were HUGE.  And this is not going to be an isolated, freaky incident apparently, here's our forecast for the next few days.

Little snowflakes falling from the clouds most every day this coming week according to The Weather Network!  We've been living here for over 12 years and I've never seen snow this early.  Just add it to the list of weird and wacky weather everyone has been experiencing this year!

I've been working away on some projects for my Etsy shop and selling blog, here's a picture of the finished black cat and pumpkin stump doll shelf sitter I showed you last post.

He turned out too cute, love this pattern from Olde Rustic Prims!

And then I decided to make some Thanksgiving items for my American customers (we've already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada), here's a pilgrim turkey shelf sitter I just finished.

He's from a pattern by Cotton Candy Creations.  And then I'm working on some turkey bowl fillers from a pattern by The Primitive Nook, I've just started on them but hope to get them completed today and listed tomorrow.

They will have cutter quilt tails and cheesecloth wings and wattles, they look adorable!  So, that's what I'll be up to this weekend, 'stuffing' turkeys LOL!  What about you?  Hope you have fun whatever it is and we'll talk again soon,



  1. Take me a good picture of that beautiful snow covered scene so I can practice with my oils!
    I've got that same pattern from Tawny! I make mine a bit bigger cause my hands are huge!! Love your recent creations!

  2. Deb, you just keep that snow up there for another month or so OK? Pretty in the pictures...just don't want it in my yard yet :)

    Your creations are wonderful as usual!


  3. Oh ~ Brrrr!
    Love all your newest creations!
    Prim Blessings


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