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Monday, November 19, 2012

An Old Farmhouse Gathering Celebration

Good morning everyone, sorry I've been MIA but I've been busy working on some new items and getting organized for my hubby's birthday party that we will be celebrating this Sunday.  We are combining his party with the Grey Cup football game.  For my American readers, the Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League's championship game, equivalent to the NFL's Super Bowl.  Unfortunately my team won't be playing in the game (boo-hoo!) but we will still have a great time enjoying the football and celebrating my DH's birthday.

The items I've been working on are for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's 'Spirt of Christmas' celebration that will be commencing on November 26th on Etsy.  Starting on November 26th and through to December 16th, just enter SCOFG in the search on Etsy to find hundreds of wonderful items from our talented team.  I will be listing four new items in my Etsy shop for the celebration and can't wait for you to see them.

So, I best get back to work and I also have to get cleaning this house so it is somewhat presentable for all of our guests!  Hope you are having a great week and I'll be back later this week to fill you in on the festivities!  Stay warm and wishing my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Looking forward to this, Deb. I love all of Etsy's events. They are so fun and creative. Gotta love Etsy :)

  2. Have a great "super bowl" and birthday party.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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