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Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Tribute To Our Veterans, Lest We Forget

I received an email yesterday from Elizabeth May,  the leader of the Green Party of Canada and member of Parliament for Sannich-Gulf Islands here in British Columbia.  She stated, most eloquently in her email, the reasons that we MUST remember and honour our veterans, the men and women who have given their lives to uphold the lifestyle we all hold so dear.   I hope, that on this 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, that you too will remember and honour their memory.

Statement on Remembrance Day

Elizabeth May, MP
Leader of the Green Party Of Canada

November 11th is a day to remember that soldiers die believing they were sent for a reason, a noble cause, to defend, to liberate.

Women and men of the military are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and we owe them our respect and gratitude. November 11th is a time for national reflection.

We remember those who gave their lives willingly.

We remember the shattered lives of soldiers who return wounded not only physically, but psychologically.

We remember that the sacrifice is not just that of a single soldier but their entire family and often an entire community.

We remember the overwhelming, countless loss of civilians who didn’t choose to die.

We remember how easy it is to begin a war but not to end it. There is no such thing as a short war–the effects of violence remain long after the last shot is fired.

We remember the sacrifice of those who work for peace and to end violence.

We remember that violence does not happen just between nations but contaminates our entire society and our way of thinking.

On November 11th we remember, with gratitude.

On November 11th, we remember and pray that war will be no more.

In loving remembrance of my Uncle Gerry, my father's oldest brother, who gave his life that we all may enjoy the lives we live today.  I love and honour your memory Uncle Gerry and all of your comrades, both past and present, may you rest in peace and may we never forget.



  1. My Mom experienced the war first hand as a child in Holland, the stories she told us make this very real.

    We are grateful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to help us, and keep our country free.


  2. This is a beautiful post Deb.... it really hits home. The first line of Elizabeth's letter struck a chord with me; young men and women are sent to war on beliefs and some die for them. It makes me think very carefully about what I believe, I can tell you, and also about what it means to extend those beliefs to a people.
    I'll never think of it in the same way after having gone to the places of war... here, it's a remembering of sacrifice and support, but there, it's all about the soldiers, the fight, logistics and battles - very different, both important.
    I had relatives that fought in both of the World Wars; I often wish I had been old enough to hear their stories, to know what they thought about it...

  3. Because of the sacrifice and the bravery of so many, my father and my husbands father were able to serve Canada for many years in times of peace. I am forever grateful for those who fought and for those who stand ready to fight to protect our freedom.

    All gave some. Some gave all.


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