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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Snowy Saturday

Good Saturday morning everyone.  Hope you are having a great day and have recovered from the Christmas rush.  It's a snowy day here, not coming down heavily but it's been snowing steady for about 24 hours so we have another 5 or 6 inches to add to our total.  On my bed time walk with the pups last night, I was walking through snow that was up over my snow boots, nearly to my knee!  Winter is well and truly here :O)  I will have to break out my snowshoes that I bought soon or get my cross-country skis on when I go out with the dogs so I don't disappear into a snow drift!

It's so hard to believe that 2012 is nearly over, where has the year disappeared to?  Time seems to rush by with such a ferocious speed these days, don't know if it is my age or the times we live in that causes that feeling?  Or perhaps it is because, as a crafter, I have to make new items to be ready to sell for holidays or seasons that are months away as yet.  I already have Valentine's Day items completed:

and I'm brainstorming for Easter and Spring, talk about rushing the New Year away when it hasn't even arrived!  But whatever the reason, time does indeed march on and I am running to try and keep up with it :O)

Have a great weekend everyone and just before I go I wanted to say a big thank you to Prim Doodles for my new blog background and header, isn't it wonderful?  Make sure to head on over to Prim Doodles blog and check them out on Facebook, you will be very glad you did!  Talk again soon,



  1. Ooooo...thinking of all that snow makes me chilly! Love your new hearts and love your blog header. Beautiful!
    Wishing you a very happy new year my friend.

  2. I love the header, she did a great job. And wow, you have way more snow then us, and we thought we got a lot.....

    I have to take up cross country skiing again, it's been, well decades and decades since I went, but I am looking forward to it again.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.


  3. We only have a dusting of snow,was hoping for more.LOL! Love the hearts and the header.Happy New Year!Hugs,Jen


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