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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Colourful Winter

Winter isn't usually a season that I associate with any colour other than white, and maybe grey.  But the clever gals behind No Winter Whining (Heather, Jen, Laura and Lynn) challenged us this week to go out and find some colour in amongst all of that white.  So with camera in hand, off I set on a tour of our yard.

It was a beautiful, bright sunshiney day and the first bit of colour that I saw in our winter wonderland were the wild rosehips, their cheerful redness persists all winter long, until the deer munch on them that is!

And then I noticed the lichens growing on the birches and willows, such pretty colours of orange, yellow and rust!

The birds are flocking in droves to our feeders and I spyed this goldfinch feather lying in the snow, such delicate yellow and grey colouration.

My pup was accompanying me as I wandered in the yard and you have to admit that both her and her collar are very colourful!

Next, I walked down to the creek and saw the sunshine reflecting through the snow on this branch.

The branch almost seemed to be glowing green in the setting sun.  And as I knelt there in the snow, I noticed something else very colourful.

My snowboots!  Every good Canadian gal needs a pair of Sorel's and I've had these faithful old snow boots for more years than I care to recall.  It just took a new outlook on winter to notice how colourful they are.

And as the sun set, Mother Nature once again demonstrated her mastery of colour, no matter what the season.

So thank you No Winter Whining for opening my eyes to the colours of winter, they are everywhere if only you will look.

Joining in with No Winter Whining's link party being hosted this week by Heather at Life is a Garden




  1. Deb... what gorgeous photos, and you sure did find some lovely colour out there! So glad you have joined in our "no winter whining" meme, so happy to have you on board! Cheers~

  2. What a great idea! Made me look out my window at all the snow and realize there are other colors out there! :)

  3. Hello, Deb

    I like how you've captured the sunlight and shadows in your photos; it's the contrasts that keep things interesting.

    For me, that glowing branch photo is incredibly eye-catching, with the play of light and the various angles of snow and tree limbs.

    Thank you for sharing all of these wintry wonders at ☀Sunlit Sunday.


  4. Hi Deb. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment on my post. Your photos are beautiful. There really is some colour out there, we just have to look around. :)

  5. Nice colorful photos, especially your boots.

  6. Hi Deb,

    I just saw your addition to our Pinterest board and wanted to stop by and say hello. This link party has been so interesting and enjoyable. Nice to meet you.

  7. Sun light, shadows and color ... looks like a perfect day to me!

  8. Your snow boots are the cutest! Great photos! Very different from the ones I took today. I went back to the Park again and took flower photos. Sweet hugs!

  9. So glad you got out and shared your color and light with us. Very nice. I like your blog background...

  10. Deb those are some great pics!Love this idea,sadly we still have had no snow.LOL! Hugs,Jen

  11. It's amazing what we can see when we start to search for color in winter.

    I'm so glad that you found fun things to shoot.

    And you have goldfinches? Can you please send some over here? I love them...but haven't seen any yet.


  12. Wonderful winter pics!!!
    Love the pic of your colorful boots ~ such a great idea!!!
    Thanks for opening our eyes!
    Prim Blessings

  13. I liked your sunny winter photos a lot. The feather on the snow - that's a keeper!


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