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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hearts A Plenty

Good morning everyone.  Hope this finds you all well and keeping to your resolutions!  I guess I should ask if you are meeting your goals as I had previously posted I'm not a resolution setter but a goal setter LOL!  But regardless of what you call them, hope your New Year is off to a great start.

We've had so much SNOW here lately!

I stepped off of the side of the ramp leading to our back deck yesterday and was in snow up to my thigh.  The pups are having a ball, The Big Dog in particular is a snow hound and is in his glory.  It is warm and melting here today but they are calling for more snow later on and then for it to get colder which could result in one giant ice rink if the melting continues, ugh!  I love the snow but hate when it gets icy, slipping and breaking my wrist two winters in a row a few years back probably has something to do with that!

I've been making so many hearts the last few days; I sold a couple of sets of my Valentine Heart bowl fillers that I showed you last week and then got a request from a lovely customer at my new Prim Nest shop, asking if I could make her some Valentine ornaments for her seasonal tree.  I was happy to fulfill her request and ended up making her twelve Valentine heart ornaments:

And a couple of larger heart shelf sitters:

So I'm seeing hearts in my sleep now!  I had a great time creating them for her though, trying to make each one a little different and unique for her Valentine's tree.

Well, I should get back to work as I have more orders to fill and I have to make some time to get some new items made for my Prim Nest shop before the 15th of the month.  Also, it's snowing again so there will also be more snow to shovel, oh joy!  I'm watching my neighbours out of my window as I type, they are up on their roof shoveling off the snow.  Yikes, looks very scary to me as they have a metal roof, I can't begin to imagine how slippery that would be!  But you know you have had a lot of snow when you feel compelled to shovel off your roof :O/  I will be staying firmly planted on the ground myself though, our roof is on it's own!  Have a great week and see you soon,



  1. I'm sewing up the rest of my hearts today, too. Need to stain and bake next but already tired of seeing them! Yours are super cute! Keep that wrist healthy this year. I'll think of you as I enjoy our 70 degree weather!

  2. Sounds like a whole lot of snow...we don't have as much as you do...but you can keep the extra, we are generous that way.

    Love those hearts, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for hearts.


  3. Hi Deb! Love your hearts, they are both prim and sweet at the same time - you have such a knack with them.
    It's raining here today...yes, rain! Above freezing and pouring, the way it has been coming down there will be very little snow left. It will freeze tonight and be deadly tomorrow for driving though!! Good to see you are still on here, will have to catch up with you! Take care. N

  4. Been working on some heart projects myself.Yours are darling.Still no snow for us and we are expecting temps.near 70 on Saturday.Stay safe and enjoy the snow.Hugs,Jen

  5. I can't even imagine that much snow, all we have had is a dusting around Christmas!
    The heart are looking great. I was looking at my stash yesterday and scemeing heart ideas.
    Have fun with the snow and be careful!

  6. You have been busy Deb.I'm glad that business is going well for you.I LOVE all those hearts. I need to get motivated. :)
    Take care of yourself in that snow.You don't need anything breaking this year!!! I wouldn't mind a bit of snow.We have rain and fog here.It's so miserable.At least snow is bright and light.:)

  7. Hi Deb. The bowl fillers are so fun. They are all so different and pretty. Good job. The snow doesn't sound like fun. I can't imagine that much snow here. We had it like that in Alaska and it was pure survival. Good luck. -Steph-


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