Monday, February 18, 2013

Black Cats For Spring

So I've been brain storming some new ideas for our Old Farmhouse Gathering teams 'Spring Fling Celebration' and I had doodled a cat with a bird perched on her tail.  In the making, she became a black cat (well black and white to be exact) even though I had first thought of her as a calico.

There is something about black cats that I adore, despite their unfortunate reputations.  Every black cat I have ever been fortunate enough to have cross my path has been beautiful and loving.  Even though Calista doesn't look too thrilled to have Blythe sitting on her tail, I know that she means her no harm and will just politely ask her to please perch elsewhere!

Calista and Blythe will be available in my Etsy shop on Monday, February 25th when our OFG teams Spring Fling Celebration kicks off.  I've got two more new creations to come up with before then, so stay tuned to see what's next!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday,



  1. Precious! I love black cats, one used to own me and he was the sweetest things you ever wanted to meet! Cheers~

  2. You keep thinking of THE MOST adorable creations, this kitty and birdie combo is too precious!!

  3. Totally adorable....LOVE IT!!!!!!


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