Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peeps And Pinkeeps

Pinkeep or pincushion?  What do you call these wonderful sewing accessories?  I am a firm believer in the fact that a sewer or craftsperson can never have too many.  I have several and am always searching for them!  I just discovered how to make these flower pinkeeps (I know, I am WAY behind times!) and they are so simple and fun to make.  I thought this one needed a little more embellishment though (and some more places to stick your pins and needles!), so added the little chick peep on top.

This is finish number three for my contributions to our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's 'Spring Fling Celebration'.

All of our new listings will be going live on Monday, February 25th so make sure you visit Etsy that day and type in SFOFG in the search bar.  Off to work on offering number four and here's a hint, cross stitching will be involved :O)  Have a great day and talk again soon,



  1. I call them pin keeps,LOL, and yours is lovely~

  2. Pinkeeps just sounds so vintage and that's why I like it! Really cute chick just cheeps spring!

  3. I call this kind a pincushion, and the cross stitched pillows, pin keeps.
    Whatever you call it, your chick pin cushion is fabulous.

  4. Now, your little chick just added that extra little touch of fab! I call it pincushion, but love pinkeep... I've had pincusions on my bucket list for a while, this just makes me itch to "just do it already"! Lovely! Cheers~

  5. I call anything you stick a pin into a pinkeep. Yours is lovely. I just made some and inserted them into zinc lids.
    Prim Blessings

  6. I never knew what a pinkeep was until I entered the prim world - I had always called them pincushions - but I like pinkeep much better :)
    Yours is adorable!! Love that lil peep!!

  7. I still call them pincushions. Guess I am old fashion, but this one is adorable! :)

  8. Pin keeps is what I call them and I call yours adorable!Hugs,Jen


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