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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Put A Little Wildlife Into Your Winter

Good Sunday everyone, hope this finds you well.  I realize that it is Super Bowl Sunday and so many may be otherwise occupied today but thought I'd share a few pictures anyway as I link up with No Winter Whining.  This weeks theme is 'Nature In Winter'.

If there is one thing we have a lot of around here, it is nature!  We are very fortunate to live where we do, all I have to do is look out of my window and there it is.  We've had the birdfeeders out since the first snowfall and while we get many birds visiting, the squirrels are also frequent visitors.

They are very cheeky, chasing off the birds and chattering loudly at us whenever we dare to step outside our door.  They come off the roof, run across the deck and leap into the lilac tree where all the feeders are hung.  It drives our dogs nuts as they can see the squirrels very clearly through the French doors as they leap across the deck.  Doesn't seem to phase the squirrels in the least though, they know that as long as that door is closed they are safe from our pups!

One of my favourite winter birds to visit our yard is the Northern Flicker, love the orange colour of their tail feathers.

They are a species of woodpecker and this one was investigating the nooks and crevices of the bark on our big 'ol Ponderosa pine tree looking for some tasty grubs.

And of course, one of our most frequent visitors are the deer.

Sometimes all you will see is one peeking out of the trees to see what you are up to.

And at other times, they wander through the yard just as sassy as you please, like this Momma mule deer and her fawns from last spring.

So yes, we do indeed have nature in winter around here and I am so very thankful for it.  Hope you too will get out of your house this winter to investigate what is wandering through your neck of the woods, as the song says, you may be in for a big surprise!

Linking up with No Winter Whining's link party being hosted this week by Lynn who is guest blogging over at Life is a Garden



  1. Hi Deb. Thank you for joining us on No Winter Whining. I’ve been enjoying your boards on Pinterest. Your blog today is truly lovely. Those mule deer are magnificent. Be sure to grab your Snowball button at Heathers. Happy week.

  2. Deb, your photos are beautiful! I don't envy your snow tho. I can't imagine having deer that close. Pretty post. Am getting ready to order one of your patterns the bunny, eggs and carrot one. I've been looking for a pretty bunny shape for a pattern and like yours.

    Have a great week!


  3. How nice! Those deer are so cool!

  4. Hello, Deb. I found your blog through the No Winter Whining linkup. Great photos! Hooray for actual wildlife to take pictures of! Our biggest excitement these days is the pheasant that sometimes makes an appearance in the back yard. Of course, I have yet to catch him on camera. :)

  5. What fun to open your door and find deer in the yard. I would love the visits, although we have many, many Hosta plants and the deer love them I hear. So . . .
    I enjoyed my first time visit!

  6. Awesome post Deb... especially loved the pictures of the deer... we are supposed to have deer in our area, but I haven't seen them yet! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and also thank you for joining in on our little No Winter Whining game again. Oh, and BTW, the chilly temps we had was before the windchill added on, LOL! Cheers~


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