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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Chalkboard Printable For You

As I mentioned yesterday, I just discovered how to make those wonderful chalkboard graphics that you are seeing everywhere around the net right now.  My first attempt was pretty sad, but I've been working away today between my program and my beloved Picmonkey and think this one turned out pretty good!

Feel free to download it by right clicking and saving, make sure you increase it to full size before saving.  If you are having problems downloading it from Blogger, I have the image stored on, click here to download it from there.  Print it out on some card stock and put it in a distressed frame and voila!, instant art :O)  You may use this image for your own personal use.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more, I am seriously addicted!!

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  1. Thanks so much Deb!That is a wonderful quote.I can't even pick out a camera let alone figure out all those programs you mentioned.LOL! Hope that you have a wonderful evening.Hugs,Jen

  2. This turned out GREAT Deb!! Wish I had a printer :(

  3. Thanks, Deb. I really love this.

  4. Deb, you are so talented. I love all of your creations. hugs, Lecia

  5. Liking this . . . One more thing to add to, "gee, I'd love making this" LIST! Never, ever will I finish the list . . .

  6. Deb, thanks for the well wishes, I'm getting better slowly. sigh...

    Love that quote, I have a chalkboard in the kitchen, and would love to write that on it for spring.

    Happy Easter.



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