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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is Sprung!

Happy first day of Spring everyone!  I've been watching the Weather Network and it does not appear that too many of us are actually enjoying Spring weather today :O(  Here's what it looked like at our place early this morning:

It has stopped snowing here now, but we've had a bit of everything today; sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet ... you get the picture!  All in all a typical early Spring day in my neck of the woods.

So what have I been doing to celebrate the vernal equinox?  Why, playing on my computer of course!  I should be doing just about anything other than that but have discovered how to make chalkboard graphics and so have been playing with my program and downloading fonts and backgrounds and generally having a fun time :O)  I am still a long way from producing some of the wonderful examples to be found around the net, but here's a peek at my first attempt.

It's too much fun!  Check out the tutorials at Sweet Cs Designs and also over at Nest Of Posies.  There are lots more on the net as well, just do a search for chalkboard tutorials.  Fair warning though, it is very addictive!

Have a lovely, if wet and/or snowy first day of Spring where ever you may be!


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  1. Thanks, Deb. We had a bit of all the gulf coast has to offer today. Coolish this morning, left for town in dazzling sunshine, dashed through a rain shower to purchase an Easter Lilly, unloaded groceries in a chilly afternoon and have the heat back on tonight after a week in the high seventies. What can I say? It’s spring and I’m so happy to be in the moment.

  2. Very cold here for this time of year. Feels more like January. Brrrrr!!!. Love your chalkboard graphic.

  3. Yeah, no SPRING here yet either...cold, snow, wind..bah humbug!

  4. Glad to know we are all "snow bunnies" are in good company! Good job on the graphic! Cheers~

  5. Looks just like the picture I took yesterday from my deck! We all know that the little sprouts are under all that snow, just waiting to come up! Hugs, Vicki

  6. No spring here either. Lots of snow still. :( Your graphics look great. Wish I knew how to do those. :)

  7. I love what you are creating...and have itchy fingers just waiting to grab my camera...

    But I am taking it easy for awhile.



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