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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Buttercup Betty ~ My Spring Doll Challenge Completed

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely weekend.  It is still warm here but a change is coming or so they are forecasting.  It's cloudy and a bit breezy today and rain is coming but that's OK as it is getting very dry around here and the forest fire season has had an early start.  So a little rain to add some moisture and some cooler temperatures will be welcome.

I posted a while back about Wendy's Spring Doll Challenge that she was hosting at her blog, Ravenwood Whimzies.  Wendy provided us all with a doll body pattern and then we were to create whatever (or whoever!) we wanted with it.  I decided to combine Wendy's challenge with one of my Cloth Doll Artistry challenges (How Does Your Garden Grow) and Buttercup Betty was the result.

Here she is waiting (rather impatiently I might add!) for her bonnet and dress.  She is constructed of muslin and has a needle sculpted nose and painted features.

And here she is, ready to head out to the garden, where she resides and tends to all of the flowers and birds that live there.

Her prairie bonnet is framed with buttercup petals;

and her muslin apron is adorned with flowers and leaves that I've sewn and painted into place.

Even her shoes have flowers on them!

She carries with her a watering can filled with more flowers and moss so that she can spread Spring wherever she goes.

And she also cares for and protects the birds that visit her garden, as you can see by the wee wren that she has cradled in her arms.

I am so happy with the way that she turned out.

Thank you to Wendy for a fun challenge!  Make sure you head on over to her blog to see the other wonderful dolls that folks have created from her pattern for the challenge.

Buttercup Betty will actually be doing triple duty for me!  She will also be one of my new items that I will list in my Etsy shop for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's "Summer Fun Celebration" that will be starting on May 20th.  Now to get to work on the other three items I promised to list for it!  Have a lovely weekend everyone and to all of the Mom's out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow and enjoy your breakfast in bed xoxoxo



  1. Wow Deb, you outdid yourself!! The detail in this doll is awesome! ~*~Lisa

  2. She is so beautiful Deb - I really do love what you did with the pattern. Thank you again for joining in the challenge.
    Hugs dear friend.

  3. She is so sweet Deb! Lots of her hat.


  5. Oh Deb, she is just lovely. I adore her hat and little shoes.

    So glad the necklace came and you like it.


  6. She's adorable...I love her buttercup hat:)

  7. OMGosh! She's ADORABLE, Deb! Love the hat and everything else, too! Just wonderful!

  8. My, my Deb... she is adorable though! Cheers~

  9. Love your Buttercup Betty doll Deb.
    I too entered Wendy's Spring Doll Challenge, mine is a Patriotic Bunny doll. How fun to see everyone's creations.

  10. Betty is beautiful Deb. Great job.


  11. She is so cute, and I love the shot of the back of her bonnet...



  12. She is so sweet! I love her sunny sweetness!


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