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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mixing It Up

Good morning everyone!  It is a glorious day here in beautiful British Columbia; the sun is shining,

the daffodils and tulips are blooming,

the birds are singing and I have lots of dirt under my fingernails from digging in the garden.  I have the perennial garden and the garden by our front door cleaned up and dug so I brought out a couple of my garden 'decorations'.

I painted this little garden stake years ago, you can see it is getting a little worse for wear but it's so cute, a Terrye French design I do believe?

And this pretty 'jardin' stepping stone was a gift from my brother and his family several years ago as well, love it!

Last post I shared with you a picture of some items I had gathered together for my Cloth Doll Artistry mixed media studio "Altered Bottle" challenge.

Well, here is what I ended up creating.  I'm calling it my "Altered Mason Jar Fairy Garden Light" :O)

Mixed media is new to me, I have long admired the works of other talented artisans who so seamlessly transform everyday items into works of 'heart'.  And now that I have tried my hand at it, I can certainly appreciate the draw of this particular artistic genre.

A mason jar, some tissue paper and some vintage stamps, good old modge podge, some moss and butterflies, a battery operated votive candle and voila, a fairy garden light!

I used the beehive textile bobbin as a stand for the light and wrapped it with some jute twine and some pretty wire wrapped beads that I found in the jewelry making section of my local craft store.  The trick, of course, is knowing when to stop, I could have continued to embellish the heck out it but decided to use a little restraint ;O)

All in all, I'm very pleased with it and plan to put it into a planter near the front door.  I kind of failed to take into consideration that I'd have to manually turn the votive off and on each evening when I conceived of the idea so it will be much easier to keep it close to the house so I can turn it on and off!

We've now been challenged to create a glass garden sculpture utilizing bits and bobs of glass and porcelain plates, bowls, vases, etc.  I'm going through the cupboards and drawers now looking for my 'components' and am thinking of a bird bath.  I have some lovely old willow pattern plates that are chipped and cracked that would make a good top piece and have to find my 'supports'.  And then a paper swap was proposed a couple of days ago as well, we are to create a 'Z-fold' card for our swap partners that they can then send to their friends or family.  I had to go look up what a 'Z-fold' card was, thank goodness for the internet!  Looks like fun, I've made simple folded cards before but never one like this, finally a chance to use the million and one stamps that I've collected over the years!

So what have you been up to lately?  Have you been 'mixing it up' as well?  Whatever it is, happy creating everyone and get outside and enjoy those gardens!  I've lots yet to do around the yard so best sign off for now and get back to digging.  We'll talk again soon,



  1. Hi Deb,
    Wonderful creation.
    I always enjoy seeing mixed media art.
    It has been wonderful weather here in on southern il the past couple of days.
    Makes me want to get outside and plant something.

  2. I love your fairy light....very inventive. The glass garden sculpture sounds like fun doesn't it:) Now I have to go and look up Z-fold whatsits...obviously I'm not much not a mixed media person...LOL

    I've been out in the garden too but I've been trying to stay in shade. It was blistering yesterday. One extreme to the other and now the temps are dropping again.

  3. Yippee!! Finally the flowers are blooming somewhere! Thanks for all the garden pictures...makes me feel like it is nice and warm somewhere on this planet. :)

  4. Oh look at that. Your light turned out great. Was hunting for my supplies the other day and cheated. I'll have to post I guess.

    Pretty flower pics too.


  5. Great garden decor! Your fairy light is soooo clever!

  6. Lovely, and very creative blogging land is so inspiring, I love what you have created.

    Before I forget, you can get battery operated votives with timers from Pier 1 in Canada...Kelowna has a P1, don't know about Kamloops though.

    They are not cheap, but then you don't have to go outside all the time to turn them off.



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