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Friday, May 3, 2013

Nope, That's Definitely NOT Primitive!

Yes, I am well aware that the picture above has absolutely NOTHING to do with primitive crafting but boy, oh boy is it FUN!  I signed up for a class called "A Whole New Doodle" with Stephanie Ackerman and I can't stop doodling!  Who knew that the letters of the alphabet could provide one with endless possibilities?  I did the page above while watching the NHL hockey playoff games last night (Go Canucks or Go Habs, just one of you please, please win!) and I've been itching to get back to more but I have lots of other things I should be doing.  My ADD is in high gear at the moment and I am going in 16 different directions!

I'm finally getting close to completing the pillow shams that my wonderful (and patient!) customer ordered, we ended up making them from burlap and stenciling some bunny images onto them.  It's been a long haul but I'm happy with the way they are turning out.

I'd never worked with burlap before and all I will say is that it is a "challenging" material to work with!!  I will have them done by Sunday and then get them into the mail along with the daisy ornaments I made for her:

The ornies have been completed for weeks as we've been hashing out the sham details and I am so thankful for her patience in waiting for the whole order :O)

I also finished up some new items and got them into my Olde Primitive Peddler shop for the 1st of the month.

I was in stenciling mode for the pillow shams so did a couple of wood signs and made my "test stencil" of the running hare into a little rag stuffed burlap pillow tuck.  And for my Prim Nest shop 1st of the month listings, I made another stenciled wood sign and listed my sheep door hanger.

I LOVE the "housework" sign, words to live by in my house!

The deadline for Wendy's "Spring Doll Challenge" over at Ravenwood Whimzies is looming closer (we have until May 12th to get our pictures of our completed dolls to Wendy) and I am a LONG way from finished yet!

I have doll parts but no doll yet!  She's there in my head, I know what I want to do with her, so she is next on the priority list once the pillow shams are 100% completed.  The buttercups are blooming in our yard and I was inspired by them in her design, hope she turns out the way I am imagining her (and I promise to get her done in time Wendy!).

And what do the following items have in common?!

A mason jar decoupaged with vintage stamps of fairies, butterflies, flowers and birds; a vintage beehive textile bobbin; a jar lid with an insert of burlap; jute twine; and a battery operated votive candle .... nope, I don't know yet either but I am hoping that somehow they will come together as my entry into the Cloth Doll Artistry Mixed Media Altered Bottle challenge.  Wish me luck, the concept is still very "unfocused" at the moment!

For those of you who are wondering how in the heck I can work on so many different things at one time all I can tell you is, that is how I've always been, this is normal for me.  Some folks can focus intently and single mindedly on one project but I've never been able to do that; my mind races in 16 different directions at once and I feel compelled to work on them all.  As you can well imagine, that makes for a rather chaotic workspace (OK, I admit it, it's a disaster zone around here at the moment!) but creativity for me evolves from chaos, what can I say!

And since I have so much spare time at the moment, we went for a hike up in the hills above us today with the pups and I took some photographs ;O)  The trees and flowers are just starting to emerge around here and I spied these sweet wild violas as we walked through an open meadow.

So pretty, makes me want to break out my watercolours .... no Debbie, no more projects, enough already!!  Have a great and productive weekend everyone!



  1. I'm with you - I can work very well on more than one thing at a time - in fact, I'm more efficient working that way!
    I love your stenciled rabbit - I can't imagine trying to paint on burlap but kudos to you for trying it.
    And now the lovely weather has finally arrived - isn't it grand?

  2. Great projects-- love the complaint dept sign! Enjoy!

  3. LOVE those shams, Deb, but I'm with you on the burlap! I love it but just use it for small things as I hate the whole unraveling thing!
    Like you, I have a few too many things going on at once but that works for me. LOVE your flower ornies and the house work sign is HILARIOUS!!!
    My doll is finally sewn and I'm actually painting one (I'm making 2). Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  4. I pretty much work the way that you do. Many things going at once. Painting on burlap does sound challenging.

  5. The doodles you are creating are really interesting, I had no idea either.

    Love the bunnies, and the signs, you are prolific.

    And have you noticed that what we Canadians call burlap is totally different in the US?

    They have a softer, finer weave then what we use here.


  6. I work just like you. I always have dozens of things going on at once....creative chaos. If I get tired of doing one project I leave it for awhile and work on another. Makes perfect sense to me:)

  7. Love the violets - one of my favourite flowers. Your pillow shams are turning out beautifully. I am with you - I have dozens of projects on the go at once. I like to stitch on whatever takes my fancy.

  8. Love the violet picture. We have some in our yard.

    You put some ideas in my head with the bobbin jar lid, jute and votive. Hmmmmm


  9. Me too.. more than one thing at once.. I think life would be boring if I only focussed on one thing! LOL! Nice work! Cheers~


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