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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Have You Been?!

Holy smokes, where in the heck have I been?  I just looked at the date of my last post and it was made over a week ago!  Apologies my blogging friends, sometimes life gets in the way and the time just goes slipping by.

I have been distracted as our Big Dog has not been well.  Lots of tummy and digestive problems; he's nearly 10 years old which is getting 'up there' for a large breed dog so we have been very worried.  Blood work showed that he has pancreatitis and after antibiotics and other assorted pills and special diets I am so very relieved to say that he appears to be on the mend.  It's still early days in the course of his treatment but there has been a vast improvement already so we are very thankful and grateful for our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Davies of the Kamloops Veterinary Clinic for her caring and compassionate treatment.

I've continued to work away slowly on some projects, in between worrying about and caring for our pup.  I've designed some new items and have started on another one of my CDA challenges, a fantasy soft sculpture animal.  Here's a peek at my May WIPs that are in the works right now:

Now that he is on the mend I hope to get them completed soon and I'll post some more pictures once they are done.  Hope that all is right in your world and in closing here's a photo I snapped of the almost full moon rising over the hill behind our home a few nights ago.  Enjoy and we'll talk again soon (I hope!).


P.S.  I almost forgot, our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's Summer Fun Celebration is still on until June 1st.  Click the banner below to find lots of fun items or type in SFCOFG on Etsy.  Happy browsing!


  1. Glad to here that Big Dog is feeling better:) Such a worry as they can't tell us how they feel.

  2. Deb, you don't have to apologize ~ we all know how time flies!
    I hate it when our dogs get sick ~ glad to hear yours is doing better.
    Looks like you've been busy creating ~ always nice to see what everyone is working on!
    Happy creating!
    Prim Blessings
    P.S. Beautiful moon!

  3. Boy time does get away from us doesn't it. Glad Big Dog is feeling better. Must be something with larger breeds as my dog was 10 when got pancreatitis also! Love the moon picture. Thanks :)

  4. Not to worry . . . time does fly. Glad Big Dog is on the mend. Loved the photo~thanks!

  5. Glad your dog is getting better. No fun having sick animals.


  6. Hope that your Big dog is feeling wonderful's not easy when one of your fur babies isn't well.

    Poor darling.


  7. I haven't posted in a long time either Deb and don't know when I'll get back to it. Glad your big dog is better, heartbreaking when they are sick! Love your WIPS as always. Great moon pic! ~*~Lisa

  8. I am with you on time or lack there of. Love your creations for the OFG celebration.
    Loving your WIP too!

  9. Oh my, I am glad Big Dog is on the mend... my girl is 14 this year and I worry every day about her as I see the changes in her, so I know how you feel! Time does get away from us, especially this time of year, I myself have not spent as much time blogging because I'm spending my time outdoors as much as I can! Great work on your creations as usual! Cheers~


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