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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June!

June 1st already, so hard to believe!  Time is such a funny thing, isn't it?  January and February crawl along and seem like they will never end but as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, time grows wings and flies.  Now it is June; school is out (or will be soon), summer vacations are being planned and the long, lazy days of summer are rapidly approaching.

The first of June also brings with it my new listings over on the Olde Primitive Peddler.  This month I made up a little clothes pin ditty bag (complete with some grungy clothes pins) using a vintage advertising image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy;

and I also designed some new prim pig bowl fillers.

I seem to be on a fairy tale/nursery rhyme kick at the moment; the pig bowl fillers were inspired by "The Three Little Pigs", my goat bowl fillers were inspired by "Three Billy Goats Gruff" and I have some cow and moon bowl filler WIP's that were inspired by the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle".  Not sure where these inspirations are coming from (or why), but hey, I'll take it wherever I can get it!  Hey Diddle Diddle is conjuring up all kinds of other ideas besides the cow and moon bowl fillers, so there may be a whole nursery rhyme inspired set appearing soon ;O)

And I want to send out a great, big THANK YOU to everyone who sent kind wishes and healing energy to our Big Dog who is suffering with pancreatitis.  I am so relieved to tell you that he appears to be on the mend, not quite his old self yet but getting closer day by day.  Your kindness and compassionate comments mean the world to me, thank you my blogging friends.

The flowers in our garden are just starting to come into bloom; I am the first to admit that I am a VERY lazy gardener and am happy to welcome any and all plants and wildflowers that would like to take up residence!  So we have a plethora of wind flowers, daisies and columbine that have taken root and are thriving as well as fireweed, Queen Anne's lace, indian paintbrush and blue flax.  I am sure most true gardener's would be yanking them out as soon as they dared to show their leaves but I figure hey, they are native to where we live, they thrive in our conditions and I think they are beautiful, so they get to stay in my garden :O)  Here's a purple columbine about to break out into full flower.

I love columbine, so many colour variations and they remind me of fairies when they are fully open, so pretty!  And here is a spray of lily of the valley.

The scent of these tiny little white bells is heavenly, these live by our front door and the smell is so delicious as you go in and out.  I do wish though that they weren't quite so invasive, they are very aggressive spreaders and think nothing of boring their way through concrete and wood so I do have to keep them in check.

I hope that your garden is blooming and that you are enjoying your flowers, be they ones you or ones that Mother Nature planted!  Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Happy June Deb.Love all your photos.I'd rather have Lily of the Valley than weeds!I hope Big Dog will be back on his paws soon.Poor lad.Love that peg bag.I like your idea of Nursery Rhyme prims.You could do all sorts of ones,though I don't know if you know some of ours?Have a fun

  2. Hi Lynne, thanks for your kind words and wishes <3 I think the nursery rhymes I learned are similar to yours as I am Canadian and my family has strong UK roots. Lots of inspiration from them and fairy tales, my mind is whirling with the possibilities!

  3. Love your new creations! The cow and the moon sound great! And here's to "lazy gardening." Thanks for the blog visit. You're right-- it is hard to keep up with all the blogs!

  4. So glad Big Dog is on the mend. Love your flower pics but may I ask what blue flax is and why some
    one would want to pull it out?


  5. Hi, Deb -

    Awww, so sorry to hear that Big Dog was battling some health problems. I'm glad to hear he's on the mend. :)

    Love those cute piggies!

  6. Sorry to hear about Big Dog.
    Love your new creations.
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So glad to hear Big Dog is feeling better..that's good news.

    And your lily of the valley is a thug? Send em over I cherish the tiny little ones that I brought from the coast..hopefully one day they will spread.

    I say go for it as far as the wildflowers go, natives are the new bedding plants.

    Imagine plants you don't have to fuss over...


  8. Enjoying your flights of fancy, Deb, and sending Big Dog continued good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. Oh, I love those pigs in the bowl! Isn't inspiration magical? Enjoy the flowers this week! ~*~Lisa

  10. The pig bowl fillers are adorable:)

    I actually tried to grow lily of the valley once. I bought some at the garden centre. They seemed to be growing okay. I think I had one plant the next spring and then never again. They grow in the woodlands near us but not in my garden.


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