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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer

Welcome Summer, so glad that you have decided to drop by!  The Summer solstice has arrived and with it the official start of Summer.  It has always puzzled me though why Summer STARTS when our days begin to get shorter, seems backwards in some ways as it is all downhill to fall and winter from here.  But regardless, I am so looking forward to some warm and DRY weather.  We have been inundated with rainfall here in British Columbia although not as much as our poor neighbours in Alberta.  Devestating floods there, my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected.

I completed my Sumabird for the Cloth Doll Artistry challenge and it seems rather fitting that I am unveiling her on the first day of Summer.  Sumabird is The Bringer of Summer, she has the Summer sun on her belly ...

and the moon and the stars on her back.

Her wings bring the soft Summer breezes ...

and her tears bring the gentle Summer rain.

Her feet are adorned with flowers that grow wherever she lands.

I love her.  She is sitting above me as I type this post and her 'mojo' seems to be working as the torrential rains have just stopped and the sun is shining, thank you Sumabird!

So it's now time to consider the upcoming challenges in my favourite groups.  The Mixed Media Studio upcoming challenges are really intriguing me; we are going to have a Goth doll challenge, an altered mouse trap swap and a pin head doll swap as well.  I've never made anything Goth so am really looking forward to giving it a try (I'm thinking Hallowe'en!) and I have a huge old rat trap in my stash so the mouse trap swap will actually become a rat trap swap ;O)  And the pin head doll is stumping me at the moment, I'll have to wait and see what that entails?  I'm sure it will be fun, it's mixed media, how could it not?!  As for the CDA challenges, the details have not been revealed as yet for the next quarter so I will have to wait and see if anything 'tickles my fancy' there.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope that your Summer is off to a wonderful start and that the lazy, hazy days to come bring you much joy.  I also wanted to remind all my Google Friend Connect followers that GFC will sadly be no more as of July 1st so I hope that you will all hop on over to Bloglovin and follow me there.  Click the link below to follow my blog; it's easy and free and you can import your own Google Reader to Bloglovin so you can keep up with your favourite blogs and never miss a post.  Have a great week and Happy Summer!

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  1. Cute bird! Really like that blue and green together. Your upcoming challenges sound intriguing. Can't wait to see what you come up with. BTW, I do reply to the comments you leave on my blog. Didn't know if you ever check back (which I know is a nuisance).

  2. Your little creation is adorable Deb.

    Yes its hard to believe the year is almost half over. Time sure does fly.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Sumabird is adorable and I sure hope she does bring some summer sun our way - the rain is getting tiresome!
    Good luck with all your challenges; it will be interesting to see how you interpret them all. I'm especially interested in the rat trap...

  4. Happy summer Deb. The birdie is so cute. Our weather in Ontario is wierd. Cold, wet and now hot, hot , hot and lots of rain coming this week. What is going on in Canada this year.


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