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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okay, it does make for some lovely photography shots but I am getting a bit tired of it just the same!  It's been drizzling, raining, pouring here off and on for the last few days; we definitely get some sunny breaks in between but it's cool and windy and not feeling too summery at all.  I guess technically it is still Spring but with the birds singing and the flowers blooming I'm in a Summer frame of mind.  The forecast is calling for more of the same over the next week so expect to see more rain drop pictures!

My parents are coming for a visit later this week so I've been busily cleaning the house; with three dogs and a Mom who is an IMPECCABLE house keeper, the heat is on!  This apple has fallen very far from the maternal tree in the house keeping department; in my Mom's house you could eat off any surface on any day of the week, safe in the knowledge that it has been cleaned within an inch of it's life in the not too distant past.  In my house?   Ummmm, not so much!  I hate house cleaning with a passion and anyone walking into my house will be apprised of that fact within a short period of time.  Dog hair dust bunnies flying about, dog toys EVERYWHERE, paw prints and nose prints on most every surface .... did I mention that we have three dogs?!  So unless I know that we have company coming, I usually go with the flow and let the dog hair fall where it may since it is a never ending and totally impossible task to keep it in check.  That being said, there does come a point when even I (and my ever patient and loving hubby!) have to admit that enough is enough and it is time to break out the vacuum and the dust cloth (and the Windex for all those nose prints ;O)   So that's what I've been up to in between rain showers, with a couple of excursions into creating thrown in to save my sanity and some muddy walks in the rain with the pups so I will have more paw prints to clean up!

I've been plugging away on my Sumabird creation for one of my Cloth Doll Artistry challenges for a few weeks now.  It's slow going at the moment; Sumabird came into my mind pretty much fully formed and I've been struggling to bring my ideas to life.

If you didn't see my previous post, Sumabird is the Bringer of Summer and is loosely based on the Thunderbirds of Haida Indian tradition, although she is a kinder and gentler creature.  My creations usually start out as a general idea and develop their personalities as I make them, but Sumabird is different; I have a very definite picture of what she should look like and am struggling to make my vision a reality.  So it's baby steps at the moment as I try out different ideas and techniques but I am going to have to go into overdrive here shortly as the CDA challenge ends on June 20th!

I've also been working on an upcyled/recycled glass garden sculpture for my new Mixed Media group, K and C and the Sunshine Girls (love that name, Kathie and Cherie, the moderators, are too funny!).

We were challenged to make a sculptural piece to decorate our garden, a glass 'totem' if you will, from bits and bobs of glass and 'what not' that we had around the house.  So I went searching through the cupboards and in my studio and I'm recycling an old vase, a glass chimney from a lamp and a glass candle holder into my garden sculpture.  My inspiration started with an old Johnson's Brothers blue and white transfer print plate that had a big chip on it and I thought it would make a perfect bird bath perched on top of the glass sculpture.  I'm gluing each piece in place with E6000 glue so I'm waiting for the base to cure before I add the bird bath plate top.

I wanted to incorporate some blue into the sculpture to echo the blue on the plate, so I've enclosed a stained glass blue and green butterfly in the vase and have added some blue and green beads between the lamp chimney and the candle holder.  The glass chimney has some Fraktur style floral transfers on it, but they were white in colour, so I painted over top of the transfers with some teal blue enamel paint to bring more blue into the design.  And I added a couple of wine charms that have some blue beads and leaves to the stem of the candle holder.  I'm tossing around the idea of putting some green glass stones into the top of the candle holder before I add the plate, but still am not sure about that yet.

The plate was left in our house by the previous owners, it was sitting up on a high plate rack in our kitchen and I'm not sure if they couldn't be bothered to get up there to get it or just left it since it was chipped.  Being the  packrat  hoarder  recycler that I am, I couldn't bear to throw it out, despite the big chip on the bottom right rim.  And see, after 13 years I finally have found a use for it :O)  Thank goodness I joined this new mixed media group, hopefully I will find uses for all of the other junk treasures that I have collected over the years!

Well, I should get back to cleaning; the pups and I went for a long walk this morning and of course it had poured rain last night and of course the pups got all muddy and wet on our walk and of course I now have to clean up more paw prints (not to mention washing a wall because The Delinquent decided to shake AFTER she came into the house and sprayed muddy water everywhere!).  I will most probably be MIA for awhile what with company coming, the Stanley Cup playoffs starting (hockey for those non-sports fans in the audience) and the U.S. Open also starting this week (the golfing U.S. Open that is, not the tennis variety :O).  So I wish everyone a lovely week, stay dry and have a wonderful time creating and I'll see you again next week with some (hopefully) completed projects!



  1. If you're tired of the rain, you send some my way. Just tell it to to head to the San Francisco Bay Area. I'd happily take it. We're entering our yearly dry season and I'm already missing the rain.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. I know what you mean! My 3 big babies seemed to sop up the mud from all of this rain and I feel bad leaving them in their mudroom for the day so I let them in and you don't see the mud on the floor until the floor dries and they manage to get mud on all of the cupboards in the kitchen.

    Love you glass piece I have never worked with glass.

    It is pouring here now, hope it stops soon. At least the rain held off for my fundraiser for the dogs and that was a good thing.

    take care,

  3. We're getting rain too. It was non stop yesterday and it looks like we may get more today. I really like your birdbath creation:) I'm still pondering my entry for the How Does Your Garden Grow inspiration as yet.

  4. We finally seem to be out of the rain cycle. At least I haven't had to water flowers much! Enjoy your company!

  5. You have a lot going on right now! I love that plate with the ship and all of your neat projects! Enjoy your week my friend!

  6. I had to laugh Deb, because I too, fight dog hair. With my house on the market, I just Have a good visit with your Mom.

  7. I wish you could send some of that rain to my families in Colorado that their homes are burning up:(
    I am so like you in the housecleaning......always can find something else to do. :)

  8. Wonder if you are in the rain belt of the Okanagan...?

    We are enjoying beautiful, sunny, hot weather...for months fact we didn't even get any snow this was like Hawaii.

    Just kidding, but we do seem to get more sun and less rain then you did.



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