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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deck Building and Cherry Picking

Sorry for being MIA, we are rebuilding our decks (the old ones were near rotted through) and while we have lots of books to tell us HOW to do it, the actual DOING is a much, much, much slower process than anticipated LOL!  I guess it's like anything new, you are constantly second guessing yourself, remeasuring, consulting, etc, etc, before you make that saw cut or drill that hole.  But the hardest part is now completed; we have the ledger board and the beam up and ready for joists on the highest side deck; it's a rather scary spot as we have a steep drop off at the back of the house which the deck looks out over; but we worked slow and used scaffolding so as long as you didn't look down it wasn't too bad!  DH was off work for a few days but now has gone back so we will continue working on it as able when he is home from his trips.

Since we've been doing construction and home improvements, I haven't been able to work on any projects.  I could have worked on something in the evening I suppose but was usually so exhausted that I just sort of collapsed!  I did do a little doodling and colouring on my art journal since that's easy and fun and I don't have to think too much LOL!

And I had promised you pictures of my paper bag photo album I was working on in my last post, so here they are.  I haven't done anything new on it unfortunately so it doesn't have a cover yet and I only have a couple of photos of my items added to it.  Kathy Orta's design (Paper Phenomenom) provides you with so many wonderful little pockets and places to add embellishments, tags and journaling cards.

She had shown how to make a little mini album to tuck into one of the pockets on her video series, so I made one featuring my owls (you can see the cover in the picture above, I stamped an owl on the front) in all of their various incarnations.  I'll use the inside cover for some journaling and descriptions I think.

This was another add on she showed on her video using plain envelopes; you use the faces of the envelopes for photo mats (don't have any pictures on them yet) and then tuck tags inside the envelopes for more photos.  Here's an example of how I intend to display my product photographs.

And this is another tag wallet that is going to go on the inside cover, no pictures in this one yet.

I haven't counted up how many photographs I can add to this little album (it only measures 9 1/2" long by 5 1/2" wide) but I'm sure it will be in the hundreds once it is completed.  I am hoping to be able to get most of my items displayed in it, for a keepsake of my work if nothing else.  It's a long, slow process as I mentioned in my last post but will be wonderful when completed ( I hope!).  And I do want to give credit to the wonderful designers whose digital papers, tags and elements I have used so far, so here they are in no particular order:
Sahlin Studios
Sweetly Scraped
Megan Turnbridge
Wendy Tunison
Alison Kimbel
Big Brown Dog
Alpha Stamps
Trina Clark
So many amazing designers out there who so generously share their work, thank you to all of you!

Our sour cherry tree that I shared pictures of in my last post is now nicely ripened and we've picked two batches of cherries off so far.

I love these cherries for making pies and tarts, they aren't too tasty to eat right off the tree (just a little bit tart as the name implies!) but they make the best pies.  Only thing I hate about fresh cherries is having to pit them all, a very tedious process.  But the end results are worth it :O)

A slice of warm cherry pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, delicious!

Or perhaps tarts are more to your liking?  Go ahead, take one!

Hope you are enjoying the bounties of your garden and fruit trees too.  I'll be back when I can with some more updates and (hopefully) new items to show you.  Wish us luck with the decks and happy creating everyone!



  1. Oh be careful on your deck. No broken bones this summer.

    Beautiful mini album

    Yummy looking pies and tarts.


    Enjoy for me!

  3. Love your mini albums! Look great with your prim photos. Thanks for that Kathy Orta link too. Love her stuff. I've been making mini tuck-in type folios-- not quite up to an album yet! Good luck with your deck too!


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