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Friday, July 5, 2013

Mail Box Fun

Afternoon peeps, hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of the weekend.  To my American friends, a belated Happy Independence Day!

 Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
 Hope you had a great day and are continuing the festivities on into the long weekend, woo-hoo!

I've been puttering away here and made some coffee filter roses and peonies for my Mixed Media Studio group, have you ever made them?

They look so real it is spooky!  And easy-peasy to do; I used this tutorial from Michella Marie for the peonies:
and this one from Aunt Peaches for the roses:
They are very addictive, I have mounds of pink tinted coffee filters to use yet and am also starting to save the 'used' coffee filters.  I coffee stain everything else I make so why not flowers? :O)  It's the ultimate in recycling too although I'm pretty sure my DH thinks I have now totally lost it!

I also completed three ATC's on the theme of 'Sew Easy' for my Mixed Media group but they are for a swap so I can't share any pictures quite yet.  They were fun to do but so fiddly, all my mockups that I made on the computer failed to take into consideration that each card is only 2 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall.  Have you ever tried to cut out a clothes peg image that is only 1/8" wide??!!!!  It was a good test of patience and steady nerves but I am thrilled with the end results, hope my swap partner likes them too.  I ended up doing a quilt card, a tailor card and an embroidery card.  I'll share pictures with you when I can.

And now getting back to the title of this post; I received two lovely packages in the mail today.  First, I received my sampler that I bought from Pam of Pamela's Primitives that I managed to snatch up during her last sale, here's a picture.

Isn't it lovely?  I have to tell you that the picture barely does it justice, the stitching and finishing are so perfect and it came already beautifully framed.  Thank you so much Pam, I love it!  If you are a fan of lovely handmade primitives, make sure that you follow Pam's blog, and also her selling blog,; she is so talented and a very generous gal.

And then, I received a lovely package filled with mixed media treasures that I had purchased from Gale at Paper Whimsy.

My mind is reeling with the possibilities!  And see that lovely little shrine pavilion in the middle?  That was a free gift from Gale with my purchase; thank you so much Gale, I am going to place something very special in there ... now what will it be?  No idea yet, but I'll keep you posted ;O)  I forgot to add the wonderful miniature test tubes that I had ordered to the picture, each has a perfect little cork stopper to keep the treasures inside safe.  I'm thinking they will make lovely pendants, perhaps filled with healing potions or amulets for safe keeping?  So many ideas, so little time to create them all.

So now on to the next challenges; I have a mouse trap to alter, a doll head pin to create and a goth doll who is slowly coming to life in my head.  Here's her starting point:

I'm serious, look at those curves!  Cut off the lid, add some wire armature and paper clay arms, sculpt a head and I'm thinking some armature and paper clay legs too; but we'll see how steps A, B & C go first!  Have a great weekend everyone and we'll talk again soon,



  1. I am glad You like it! Happy decorating! :)

  2. Those paper flowers are so real looking Deb! Love them. I want to try a wreath with brown filters. Wonderful sampler, Pam does great work. Can't WAIT to see that goth doll and your mixed media creations!!! ~*~Lisa

  3. Oh, GOSH DEB, but you are SOOOOO creative! I can't WAIT to see the Goth doll! LOVE all of your other goodies, too!

  4. Wow you have so many things going at one time girl. How do you keep them all straight. Love the mustard bottle for her body.


  5. OK Goth doll??? I cannot wait to see this!
    Love all your goodies and those flowers are crazy real looking. My face was right up to the screen to see for sure!

  6. I thought the flowers were real until you told us they are coffee filters. I have a ton of filters under the cabinets just sitting there. I may have to give them a try!! So pretty. Now, I have no idea how to make a doll from mustard containers, but if you can do it, you are amazing. Hope you show us the progress. -Steph-

  7. I thought those flowers were real too! Very neat! Am interested to see your ATCs!


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