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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mmmmm, Saskatoons!

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all well and not melting away; it's been so brutally hot back East and now the heat wave is hitting us here.  At least we don't get the humidity, I'd perish if I had to deal with humidity on top of the heat!

And while we complain abou the heat, it has been a good thing here following our rather wet Spring because we have a bumper crop of Saskatoon berries this year, woo hoo!  They grow wild all around us and my DH was out picking a couple of days ago and came back with two brimming ice cream buckets just from the bushes here on our property.  My job was to wash them and get them ready to become some delicious Saskatoon jelly.

If you are not familiar with Saskatoon's they grow on a high bush and look sort of like a blueberry.  They are quite seedy and have a taste between a blueberry and a blackberry, delicious!

DH caught them at just the right time, they were nicely ripe and only a few were starting to go to seed.

They look so unusual when they go to seed, like they have a very bad Mohawk hairdo!

So after washing, boiling, straining and cooking we ended up with FOUR pint jars of delicious Saskatoon jelly, which is quite the haul; we are usually happy with four 1/2 pint jars so this year is a delicious bonanza!

Next, the sour cherry's are just about ready to be picked and the tree is loaded this year which is another wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

We've lived here for 13 years and have only had 3 years when we've had enough sour cherries to pick from our tree; our elevation is such that often times it is too cold or too wet when the cherry tree flowers and we don't get any fruit.

I can't wait to pick them this year and make some sour cherry pie, nothing better (well, maybe Saskatoon jelly but it's a toss up!).

In between picking and canning, I've been working on some hang tags and fretting over the doll head pin for my Mixed Media group.  The tags turned out quite lovely I think, here's a peek:

Dragonfly Hang Tag
Butterflies Are Free Hang Tag

I've been watching many, many YouTube videos on various craft and mixed media techniques and several demonstrate swiping your hang tags through Distress Stain or Dysulion Inks for your  backgrounds.  Works like a charm and I love the variegated colours that you get.  I know I am way behind times using that technique but it was new to me :O)

As for the doll head pin, I am not at all happy with it so have ordered some press molds from Wee Folk as I have seen them used on other people's projects and think that they will be better suited to the doll head pin.  They were shipped yesterday so hopefully I will get them in good time before the swap is due.

And speaking of things being shipped, I received an order I had placed with Crafty Secrets last week, look at all my lovely new toys!  They had given me a very generous gift certificate just for participating in one of their linky parties and I had to use it, didn't I?!

Three sets of my favourite Clear Art Stamps and a set of 3D Shadow Frames which shall house something special, not quite sure what yet.  And look at the lovely gift that Crafty Secrets sent me, TWO full sheets of stickers, one for Halloween and one with a little girl theme.  Thank you so much Crafty Secrets, a gift certificate AND a free gift, now that's customer service!

The Goth doll is languishing I am afraid to say, can't seem to get my mojo going on her but I do have to get a move on soon since I have to have her finished by the end of August.  The challenge is not due till the end of September but we will be on vacation so I have to get her done before we leave.  And late breaking news, I just got my 'Sew Easy' ATC's in the mail today from my swap partner Karen!

They are so lovely, the picture does not do them justice at all.  And she sent me a lovely handmade card as well, you can see it peeking out from behind the ATC's.  My ATC's are still in  transit to my swap partner Kathie so I will post pictures of mine as soon as she gets them.  Thank you so much Karen for your lovely ATC's, they are wonderful!

Well, I best sign off as I have to get the pizza dough made for our dinner, it's pizza pizza night here on the homestead!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that it cools down (or warms up as the case may be!) so you can get outside and enjoy it.  Talk again soon and happy creating!



  1. So are saskatoon like our blueberries? That's sorta what they look like.

    Your hang tags are beautiful. You are so talented.

    Ummmm homemade pizza. We haven't had any for ages,to hot to turn on the oven.

    Stay cool friend.


  2. I haven't made Saskatoon jelly since I was a teenager...but I do remember the taste, it's wonderful. I bet you are really going to enjoy it this winter.


  3. All sorts of creative things going on! Good year for growing. Never heard of those berries but they sound good - enjoy! ~*~Lisa

  4. Yes, it has cooled down a tad. I'll take it. Never heard of those berries. Interesting! Your tags are super! Ever look at Tag Tuesday Blog (I belong). Lots of great work there.

  5. Yummy homemade jelly, a real treat for later in the year when fresh berries aren't available.
    Your tags look really great.


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