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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sew Easy ATC's

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all well.  My ATC swap partner from the Mixed Media Studio got her package in the mail, so I can now show you my take on our 'Sew Easy' theme.  I'm so glad that you like them Kathie, I had a great time creating them for you!

First, I did one using a vintage 'Prick and Sew' embroidery card as the background.  I found the image over at The Graphics Fairy (where else?  Love her site!).

I actually did a few stitches before I mounted the card onto the backing and then made a 'needle' out of a piece of rusty wire and attached it to the end of the thread.  Cut out lots of sewing related images and attached them, some three dimensional, and added the button as well tied with some thread.

The second card (we made three for this swap), is on a tailor theme and I call it my 'Stitch In Time' ATC.

Used a vintage tailor's ad, then embellished with images from The Graphics Fairy, some lace and some sequins.  A couple of three dimensional elements on this one as well.  Added some sparkle to this one also with some 'Glamour Dust' sprinkled on the lace; I now have Glamour Dust everywhere in my studio, that stuff spreads like wildfire!

And lastly, I did an ATC on a quilting theme and call it my 'Quilt Love' ATC.

I envisioned quilts hanging on a clothesline so turned up the edges of the quilt images so they looked like they were blowing in a breeze and attached them with little teeny, tiny clothespin images to a piece of button thread.  Never again will I attempt to cut out something that small; took me forever to cut out those clothes pegs and then I even split them so they were actually attached to the back of the quilt and the 'clothesline'.  Seemed like a good idea when I thought of it but the execution was more than a little challenging!!  Then added some spool images and wrapped thread around them, some more lovely Graphics Fairy vintage images and some buttons and a rusty pin.  I added the words 'With thy needle and thread' in the center of the scissors image and embossed the scissors with copper.

I had never made ATC's before (that I had given to anyone that is, I'd played around with some painted ones prior to this but never with embellishments) and have to say I am very pleased with the end result.  They are painstaking to do since they are so small (2 3/8" by 3 5/8" is the 'official' ATC size) but the end results are so lovely, amazing how much you can pack onto such a small surface.  They each tell a story and are lovely keepsakes I think.

Our next ATC swap is on the theme of 'Wedding' and I am struggling to come up with something original.  Our swap coordinator Robyn said she means the theme to encompass weddings, handfast, unity, celebration so think I will try and concentrate on handfast and unity rather than wedding as all I see are brides when I think of that word!

I've been working feverishly on a paper bag photo album the last few days, it has consumed my life at the moment and I haven't looked up from my cutting, pasting and distressing!  Have you seen these albums?  I know I am behind times (again!) but I'd never seen or heard of such a thing until I saw a video by Kathy Orta (Paper Phenomenon) on YouTube . The fact that it is made from paper lunch sized bags intrigued me to no end, so of course I had to give it a try!  Now I am NOT a scrapbooker so I don't have any of the fancy gadgets that these gals have who do this all the time so it has taken me days to do what Kathy can do in hours.  Also, I don't have any scrapbooking paper (shocking, I know!) so I've been printing digital scrapbooking paper out on my printer which slows the process down even more as I attempt to mix and match paper and print them out.  I am going to use the album for pictures of my creations; I have the darnedest time explaining to people exactly what it is I make and do (those who don't know what primitive is that is) so this way I can whip out the album and show them.  I won't be adding all of the fancy embellishments to mine that Kathy has added to hers, but I am enjoying the process and it's looking good, if I do say so myself!  Still a major WIP but I'll take some pictures and post them for you soon.

And while we are talking about paper, have you seen Laura Carson's newest tutorial at her blog?!!!!  Check it out!
A steampunk hot air balloon made from paper, I am so going to make this; I've already ordered the supplies from Alpha Stamps!  I shared the link to Laura's tutorial in our Mixed Media Studio group and Kathie, our fearless leader, immediately challenged us to make a balloon using Laura's template but to make ours with only found objects or items that we manufacture ourselves (other than the paper of course).  Now that is going to be one heck of a challenge ... I can see many hours of cutting paper and wood and rolling clay in my future!

Well, I must get back to cutting and gluing; I have the main pages of the album completed but am now making the photo and journaling tags and the mini albums to go inside it.  Fun, fun, fun!  Hope you have a lovely week and happy creating!



  1. Deb, love your ATCs, they are wonderful!

  2. Your ATCs are really cute! Love the way you made the quilts "blowing" on the line! Will look at the links-- thanks. I do have a stash of scrapbook paper, but it's nothing compared to some artists' supplies I've seen online. My goodness-- and the gadgets too! We do just fine, right??

  3. They are absolutely amazing! I really like them. :)

  4. Brave woman, taking on scrapbooking.

    Love your cards, you did a fantastic job.


  5. Those are more then ATC those are works of art. Beautifully created.


  6. Fabulous Deb! Such talent. Love each one of them!
    Enjoy your day,


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