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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feeling Like Fall

As much as I hate to say it, it is feeling decidedly 'fallish' around here the last few days.  While the sun is still warm, in the shadows the cool hand of Autumn can be felt.  The breezes, once hot and dry, now cast a chill that makes you reach for a sweater as the sun begins to set.  The trees are alive with the chirps and squawks of the birds as they hurriedly eat the ripening berries and seeds in preparation for their long migrations south.  And the squirrels are dropping pine cones from the tops of the evergreens as fast as they can; it sounds like hail hitting the roof of the house as they hurry to gather their winter's supply of seed.  The daylight hours are slipping away too as the sun begins to hurry across the sky.  As much as I love Fall, I'm not quite ready for it to arrive and while we still have some warm days ahead of us, I can feel that the Summer is slowly winding down.

The weather has inspired me to make some fall and Halloween hang tags, the first one is called Fall Leaves:

I used some Clear Art stamps and stickers from Crafty Secrets, a 'Fall' stamp that I had in my stash and the 'leaves' embellishment is from a digital scrapbooking kit by Megan Turnidge.

The second is called Thankful Blessings:

Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps again that I embossed and then colored with my Tombo pens.  I used a little water to blend the pen colours for a watercolour paint effect.

And finally, a Halloween tag that I'm calling Beware :

Embossed Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps and digital elements from some great collage sheets from Alpha Stamps.  Spooky!

And for those of you who may think that I've been using the tags as an excuse to let the Goth doll slide, here's proof that I am making progress!

It's slow going as I have to wait at least 24 hours for each coat of paper clay to dry but I've now got the transition between the bottle and the wood pedastal evened out, her 'arms' in place and her head has had several layers of paper clay applied to the seams and stitches and it is now attached to the bottle.  I've temporarily attached her hands to her wire arms for her photo op :O)  I'm hoping that things will go a little quicker now and that she will start to look less like a pile of recyclables and more like a doll!

I will probably be MIA for the next few days as my DH has his miles in so we will be going hammer and tongs on the deck to try and get it completed before we leave on holidays.  He has nearly a week off so we are confident we can get the majority of it completed in that time.  Have a great week and hope that Summer is still in full swing where ever you may be.  Happy creating!



  1. Hey she's looking great. Oh and by the way I just became a follower of your photography blog. How long have you had that going? I never noticed it on your sidebar.

    Love your photo's. I too love photography and have a d3100 and an old d70. Love my Nikon's

    Hope you get the deck done.


  2. Hi Deb, I love your tags! And can't wait to see your finished doll. It is feeling fallish here too. hugs, Lecia

  3. Good luck on your deck and enjoy your holiday! Love the tags - especially your Halloween tag after your beautiful description of fall on its way. Goth doll is looking good Deb!!! ~*~Lisa

  4. I never knew about using a mustard container for a doll body??
    Great idea..but i don't craft either.
    But it looks like it will turn out very nice.
    I like your tags too.
    Have fun finishing your deck.

  5. Cute tags! Your doll is coming along. I must admit I am very impatient with waiting for projects to dry, etc. Left my car out yesterday and noticed dead leaves on the windshield later. Oh no! Fall is coming here too!

  6. Love these tags Deb. I can't wait to see your doll. My nieces were here last week and they fell in love with the dragon you made me. I love him too. :)

  7. Your tags are wonderful. Look forward to seeing your goth doll finished. Hope I can finish mine too

  8. Love the new hang tags Deb. Looking forward to seeing the Goth doll all finished :)

  9. I'm loving your tags, they are so pretty...I'm a real tag girl.

    Um...while you were gone, well I've moved to a new spot, so if you can update your links that would be great.

    Thanks so much, Jen


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