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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Younger Generation

Morning everyone, hope you have had a good week.  We are heading into a long weekend here in B.C. (British Columbia Day holiday) and in typical fashion our weather is turning cool and stormy.  Amazing how it always seems to happen just before a long weekend, isn't it?  We've had nothing but heat and dry weather for all of July so actually some rain (without lightening please!) is very much needed.  Forest fire season is here so wetness without any electrical activity is the prescription!

With summer progressing the younger generation of critters is beginning to make their appearance here in the valley.  Look who walked (ran!) by my window the other day:

Mom was just ahead, out of frame, so he or she? was running to catch up.

The pictures aren't the best quality as I was taking them through the window but I didn't want to open the door and scare this adorable baby.  They are so cute, love fawns!  Think this little gal or guy is a white tail, we have both mule deer and white tail around here.

And one of our resident flycatchers made her nest under the eaves on our downspout, think there are three nestlings here but it's hard to tell for sure!

It's amazing how quickly they grow, a few days ago they were near naked but now they are already beginning to get their flight feathers.  Won't be long before they are out of the nest and flying south; the song birds are already starting to flock up and feed as they prepare for their migration.  It always surprises me when they leave so early but considering the distance many of them have to fly, I guess they need to make an early start.  Once their 'kids' are able to fend for themselves, off they go.  It's so silent now without the wonderful spring time mating bird calls, all you hear now are cheeps and chirps as they feed and the warning chatter from the robins when you get too near their fledglings.  Our hummingbirds are still here but I know that any day now they too will begin to leave, it's a long way to Mexico!

Since August is now here, it means that I made a new item for my Olde Primitive Peddler shop's update.  I was in a folk art Halloween mood when I was thinking what to make, so meet Prunella, the pumpkin witch and her familiar, Sigmund the spider :O)

I made them into a door greeter and they'd love to come over to your house to scare greet your guests and trick or treaters this Halloween!  Prunella and Sigmund are available for the month of August at my OPP shop, .

Hope you have a lovely weekend (is it a holiday in your neck of the woods?) and that the weather cooperates.  I'll be back soon with some more projects, I've got to get my butt in gear on my Mixed Media Studio challenges and swaps since we will be heading off on holidays in September.  Talk again soon and happy creating!



  1. Very cute...LOL I hope you have a fabulous long weekend:)

  2. No holiday in the US...but I sure wish it was, hubby had to work today so we didn't get to the lake, an extra day would have been useful!
    Love all the babies...feels like Spring!
    Cooler here thankfully, sure beats last Summer, eh?

  3. Loving this holiday, time for everyone to catch their breath before summer winds down.

    Hope that you are able to enjoy the sun also. And the deer.



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